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Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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As far as I know, God has not given over his job to humans. God is the judge of us all. "Vengeance is mine," he says. Being the mother of 11 children, I know that when you've done all you know to do and it hasn't worked, give it to God. He can fix it. The humans who flew those planes into the buildings and killed those people had very little except false pride in a man who stayed behind, pent up safe and sound. It reminds me of a flea that was riding an elephant after crossing an old bridge. Don't you know that highway shook that bridge? Pride is the only disease known to man that makes everyone sick except the one who has it. With the money this man has, he could do so much for this world. Think of the hungry children he could feed, the poor people in his own country. He could have the renown he seeks so easily by using his money and influence for good. But instead, he chooses to cause death and destruction all because his false pride has the time to take God's judgment and punishment. When we kneel to pray at night, it is God's name on our lips. Not his. And it will be God's wrath this man and his cohorts will face in the final judgment, not man's. We may never know the reason why some things happen in this world. God makes marks across of our days he will explain later. I guess that will have to suffice for now.

I get so tired of seeing those Democrats write in and blame Bush for everything. They better blame Clinton for all this stuff because it started under him. He gave all the money away. He cost all the jobs for sending them overseas. But Bush, I wouldn't have had his job. He came in under a big handicap. Where was Slick Willie when this bomb was dropped? He was overseas in them foreign countries. How many times has he been over there? Bush hasn't been over there strolling around all the time like he did. I just wish people would leave Bush alone. He's under a big, heavy strain as it is. He's young and they should show him a little respect.

I'm speaking out about the comment in the Sept. 16 paper that said Bush has only been in office eight months and already had the United States blown up. Well, this is something that has been going on for years. During the Clinton administration, the USS Cole was blown up, the World Trade Center was bombed and two tourist attacks that happened, and he did nothing about them. That's why it continues to get worse. Hopefully someone like George Bush will now do something about it.

This is in response to the apparent Democrat who wrote in and said it's a shame George Bush has been in office for eight months and has already gotten the United States blown up. I wasn't going to respond because I think at a time like this, whether you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we are all Americans and should be behind our country and our president 100 percent. But I have to say something about this stupid comment. First of all, it's not Bush's fault. Bush has been trying to get Congress to give more money to the CIA and the military so we could avoid situations like these, but the Democrats didn't want to. They say we shouldn't put people over there and the other countries just buy; we don't need missiles aimed at other countries because the other countries would think we didn't trust them. Carter, another Democrat president, virtually cut out the CIA on foreign soil when he was in office. Clinton let us get attacked on several occasions. Although I will say he did send a couple of missiles over, he just did half a job, just like he did while in office. As I recall, Reagan and President Bush's fathers didn't have any problem keeping these terrorists in their place. But regardless, it's not any one person's fault other than these sadistic, evil people that hate the thought of people loving their country, having rights and having their own minds and thoughts. God bless America and it's wonderful to see all the people flying their flags and coming together to show we will always be united against attacks on our soil that our forefathers fought and died for. Thank you for letting me SpeakOut in this free country.