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Monday, September 17, 2001

Call 471-6636

A look at our future? I really think it's hilarious because you Republicans would have had a fit and a calf if you wouldn't have gotten the President appointed instead of elected to office. I think it's funny the stock market is at an all-time low because you are the ones with the money to have stuff in the stock market. I hope it goes to zero - bankrupt - then I'm going to laugh in your face.

Today our mail carrier was handling mail, driving the mail truck and talking on a cell phone all at the same time. Is that the reason I get mail with the wrong name and street, and late? It's 5:30 p.m. Or does he have three thumbs?

Have you contacted the Post Office supervisor with your complaint?

I read the Sept. 10 newspaper where it's talking about these dads. What about these men living with women and their children? They are the stepfather or live-in but try to be the household's father. That doesn't always work. Men are sometimes overbearing and want to try to correct the children but they don't know how themselves. I don't think a man who isn't the children's father has any right to try to control the woman's kids. There is a lot of domestic violence in the homes? What can you do about it when the man is violent to the woman and to the children too? That's something we all should think about.

I read where the farmers are getting back all this money. How do you sign up on this farmer's welfare program because it sure sounds like it beats working. If I get rained out or something I don't get paid for it, but it seems like everything they do, they get paid for it and they're still griping. Why don't they just shut up and get a regular job if they don't like it.

I'm looking for a water softener filter - Master Plumber. The filter fits on a softener that is attached to the faucet. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Please call me at 667-5884.

I am 14 years old and looking for someone who gives French language. Anyone who has good knowledge in French and good teaching skills, please leave your number in SpeakOut.

With so much negative news in the paper lately, I would like to put a positive comment in. I was invited to a fellowship "fun day" on Labor Day at Living Grace Fellowship at 303 Rogers St. I took my two kids and went. The love of God those people showed me - none of them knew me except the lady who invited me - there were games, fun, food and just good down-to-earth fellowship. My husband and I decided to go back Sunday. Those people treated us with such love and respect that I'd like to say not all churches and pastors are out for the almighty dollar and do treat people with love and respect, just like God said, "Love your neighbor."

I'm the truck driver who called about the weigh station officers. I talked to a lawyer who said they are not allowed to detain you. Can you find out about that? I heard they are not certified officers and would like to know how many hours are they here?

You can call the Missouri Highway Patrol at (573) 840-9500 with your question. We learned with your original call that these officers are fully trained and certified for the position in which they serve.