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Monday, September 17, 2001

Trying to understand

It's 6:50 p.m. Thursday. I passed by DPS and it is court night up there. There were approximately 40 people standing outside waiting in line to go in and have their court. I would have to say that not one of these people will spend any time in jail. They'll pay their fines and be back on the streets. And we wonder why there is so much crime in Sikeston. This is the reason. The judges aren't giving punishment the people deserve. I've been at court up there and I've never heard anybody getting jail time. It boils down to the dollar. You're supposed to print every comment we make in SpeakOut but there are a lot you won't print. I would appreciate it if you would print this article. Out of all those people, some of them should be serving time for the crimes they committed.

Several people have told me that Diet Coke has formaldehyde in it. I would like for someone to check with the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and let me know because I drink Diet Coke all the time.

We contacted Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Ga. and found a one-word answer to your question. "No."

In reference to the article concerning the Christian Block Party, I would like to say that we saw it coming. We were there from the beginning and the last time my husband and I attended, the music (??) blasted us almost out of town. As to the food, let me say I grew up in Missouri a poor and hungry girl, but I couldn't eat the cold and tasteless food that day. We never really saw the churches participating. Someone sitting got a table - maybe. It started out so beautifully. We have been in Christian work for almost 50 years and it is a sad occasion when something like this happens.

I would like to compliment Mississippi County on their attitude and treatment of inmates and visitors. Scott County could sure take lessons from them; innocent until proven guilty, not reversed. A badge sometimes goes to one's head. Just because you are incarcerated doesn't mean you aren't human.

I really enjoy your editorial page, with the exception of Mr. Dole's so-called political cartoon. I did not appreciate it. In short, it stinks.

Today my wife asked me to go to the bank, where she banks with a business account, to make a deposit for her. She has been a member of that bank for at least the last six years and she has made deposits in there on a weekly and sometimes daily basis into her business account. I took her deposit and was also going to deposit my paycheck in her account. She had the deposit slip made out. I went to the drive-up window and they asked me if my name was on my wife's account, to which I replied, "No." They said they could not take my paycheck and put it into her checking account. I told them my wife endorsed that check after I signed it so she could put it in her account. They said I still could not deposit my check into her checking account. I said, "I guess we'll just have to switch banks." I went to my bank, cashed my paycheck, and went back to her bank and deposited my cash from my paycheck into her checking account and they took the money. Isn't that something? It's perfectly all right to use a bank to put your money in there, and for them to use your money to lend to their people who borrow from them at a good interest rate and they only pay you a very small portion for interest rate. I think it's high time that people decide that banks cannot tell them what they can and cannot do, especially when they have money in that bank. I don't believe you'll print this. I don't think you're liable. I may be but I don't care. I have a good lawyer. Those who bank at this bank may want to check things out, and maybe go somewhere else when they read the fine print.

We refrained from using your name and are not at liberty to name the bank you are calling about.

If you open the gate your going to let some bad bulls in. It's time we closed these gates, America.

I'm watching on TV the attack on America. I'll bet Bush wishes he'll have some of that money after that goes away. He may need it because they'll have to rebuild all these places that will have to be torn down from these bombs and planes. I heard on the news that most of the money that he gave away went to the casinos for gambling. That won't do the people a lot of good.

It's a shame. President Bush hasn't even been in office eight months and he's already got the United States blown up. How sad.

I'm watching as war has been declared on the United States. It is a sinful and horrific event, so much as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has affected our country. I asked my family friends who agree the action should now be as it was then. They declared war and we must react in kind. These perpetrators and soldiers in this terrorism must be dealt with severely. The infrastructure the soldiers of terrorism used must be attacked and whisked away. Any organization or individual who takes credit, no matter if they are involved in the attack or not, should be dealt with as an extreme prejudice. They should be dealt with as if they declared war on the United States. We should use all resources, including nuclear nations, to bring these nations to their knees.

I'd like to SpeakOut about the war on us today. I feel like we as a nation should stick together. We should ship all these Afghanistans back, whether they're students or just living here. We've let far too many people in our country. They just come through our countries through the Borders and Canada. Anytime they want money, all they have to do is go outside the country, pick up the money the government pays for them, whether it be Indians, Afghanistans, whatever; we need to ship them out. They weren't born here, they're not committed to our way of life and they're in for our destruction.

I'd like to SpeakOut about America under attack on CNN. People are out of their mind who actually think CNN would tell where our President is at at a time like this, when he needs to be under the height of security, just like they did in Kuwait. Under our Constitution we have freedom of speech and the freedom of the press and stuff like that, but we have a duty as Americans - CNN televising across the world where our President is at a time like this. It blows my mind. We need to start thinking about American citizens first.

It's time for the U.S. government and President to get off their cans and get rid of all these people. Anybody who is not a U.S. citizen needs to leave this country now. They let them in here, they give them time to be here for years and figure out our systems, do it, and then blow us up. If you're not a U.S. citizen, go home.

Whatever the damage to the United States, it was worth backing Israel against the rest of the world.