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Speakout 8/8

Sunday, August 8, 2004

I agree with the recent callers on local businesses. Tacky, tacky is right. I was at a big discount store and observed an employee, on duty, waiting on the public with low-rise slacks, exposing her middle section and a large tattoo across her lower backside. One of the male managers came by, smiled and spoke to her and then went on his way. The clerk that waited on me was well-dressed and professional. I asked her what happened to the store's dress code. She said, "That is what I'd like to know." I was also in a certain rehabilitation facility and one of the young receptionists (not a therapist) had on a crop top with her middle showing. This is unprofessional and makes a negative impression about how serious the organization is about serving the public.

Sikeston Code Enforcement drives around checking people's yards. They checked my yard and said something was wrong with it and they were going to take me to court over it. In the rich neighborhood, on Terrace Street, there's a house with a washer and dryer sitting outside. It's been there for four months and there's tall grass and weeds there too, but you don't say anything to people in the rich neighborhoods. That's discrimination. Just because I live on the poor side of town you all come by here constantly.

The city addresses violations regardless of the location. If you think otherwise, you're just wrong.

I would like to address this to the Sikeston Animal Control department. I was almost bitten by the same dog three times on Kewanee Street. I called animal control on the second occasion, told them where the dog was at and that it had almost bitten me three times. On the third occasion, I called the police and they came down and controlled the dog and made animal control come down and get it. Walking back up Jaycee Street, I saw three more dogs running loose. Why are we paying animal control?

"We do address calls as we receive them, and those calls, depending on severity, are usually addressed in the order received," said Tommy Bridger, director of public works. "However, when one makes a call and expects an immediate response, please remember they may be on a dog bite or another call and must first deal with that issue. Most of our responses are citizen-complaint oriented - someone usually calls and reports it to us. We can't be all places at all times, but we will be more than happy to look at the Kewanee Street area."

Someone said in SpeakOut that God doesn't believe in divorce. Are you out of your ever-living tree? Have you not read your Bible. The book of Matthews talks about divorce. What do you think the king did with the old queen when he married Esther? What did God mean when he told the Israelites to get rid of their Philistine wives? If you're going to quote it, you better know it because the Bible plainly says you don't take one word out or add one word to it. So, Bible thumpers, you need to know what you're talking about. The Bible also says to not be unevenly yoked. What do you think it means? Take your partner out if they don't believe in God and blow their ever-living brains out? I don't think so. It says if they want to stay, let them stay. But if don't stay, depart from them. If you want to read the part that fits your lifestyle, read Genesis 1 through Revelation. You should be sitting in church. For years, I was abused mentally, physically and sexually. I had to wear turtle-neck shirts to church in the summertime. I guess everyone thought I was hot natured. Huh? When I got my divorce, I was talked about all through the church but the people didn't know what they were talking about. People there who knew what was going on turned their heads and went the other way. So don't judge because if you do, as you judge, you will also be judged. Learn it, walk it, talk it or shut up.

The bond issue indebtedness ended on April 1, 2004. Why is it that the Sikeston School District has not rolled back taxes, since they are continuing to collect money to service a debt that no longer exists? I certainly will not vote in the future on issues if this is the way they treat them by not reducing the indebtedness once the debt is paid off.

Is there anyone in the area who does repair work on 10 speed bicycles? It seems to be increasingly harder to find someone to do bicycle repair. If anybody knows, please put a phone number in SpeakOut so I can call.