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Friday, October 19, 2001

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I have noticed since the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on America at the baseball games, in the seventh inning when they play "God Bless America" that the players are standing there chewing their gum. I find that very disrespectful. They do take off their hats, which is great, but they need to stop chewing their gum during the song.

I would say the horoscope not being in the paper would mostly be missed by Nancy and Ronald Reagan, seeing how they used a guru to read the stars and tell them how to run our economy and it obviously paid off. Now it looks like we're headed in the same direction. Maybe George Bush needs to call Nancy Reagan.

In answer to "DPS policy question," the next time you visit the cemetery, leave your pot, crack or whatever else you smoke or snort at home. Maybe the police wouldn't make you so nervous. I'm afraid to go to that cemetery without a police escort.

I'd like to SpeakOut about the handicapped restrooms being used by little children and people who are not handicapped. Disabled people out there, let's get out there and start raising a little cain. I was in a business the other day and saw a lady have a very embarrassing accident because she was waiting for a lady with several children. This is not right. We pay for those handicap things, so let's see that something is done about it.

This is to the people who asked SpeakOut a few months ago why the slum lord in East Prairie was not in jail. Well, I'm here to tell you, he's not in jail because he is not guilty. Yes, that is right. He was found not guilty on all charges by 12 jury members. This just goes to show some people that just because a person is accused of something does not make him guilty and some people just lie on people just to get them into trouble. I'm a long time citizen of East Prairie.

I see so many signs that says, "God Bless America, please." That's the problem. God has blessed America but we forgot to say "thank you" and get on our knees every day and thank him for blessing America.

Can anyone tell me why we would need a rain at this time of year? Apparently the weathermen at KFVS-12 have knowledge of some condition that I'm not aware of. They continuously proclaim that we are getting some much needed rainfall. As far as I know, farmers, contractors and the like don't need a drop of water. If you need a rain so bad, I suggest you buy a sprinkler and stick it out.

What's the matter with our merchants? We spend our money with you but you can't fly the American flag. Are you for us or are you against us?

I'm really surprised to fly an American flag that was made in China. Isn't that one of the jobs Slick Willie gave away with so many jobs to Mexico and China? When he wasn't giving money away he was giving them jobs. That's why we have to wait for them to come from somewhere else. We don't have them here anymore. Clinton either gave them all away or sold them.

How much longer on TV will this repetitious war news last? It is so depressing. It may be a year or more until we get this bin Laden. Do we have to listen to it all day, every day for a year? Isn't it enough to know they're doing their best. We don't need to know everything. The government should have some secrets.