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Punish those who threaten our nation

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Who would have thought that Americans would be forced to address the issue of anthrax poisoning? Who would have thought that something as simple as our daily mail would become a source of concern? And who would have thought that Congress would take a minor break from business to decontaminate their offices for anthrax?

But the unthinkable has almost become the commonplace in these trying times. All because of religious differences 7,000 miles from our borders. Who would have thought?

It is high time our government adopts a much tougher stance on immigration. These anthrax scares are coming from within our borders. They are most likely being conducted by foreign interests who have been allowed here with open arms. As difficult as it might be, our open arms policy must be reconsidered. Isolationists? You're damned right in these frightening times.

We now fear cropdusters and our daily mail. Actually fear is too strong a word. We're cautious. Airline travel may never return to pre-Sept. 11 levels. Nightly news shows that detail the events of the war have replaced sitcoms in our nightly rituals. These changes are inconveniences. The possibility is great that much more drastic inconveniences will follow.

I read this week where Congressman Lacy Clay of St. Louis was complaining about racial profiling in our search for terrorists. Well Lacy my friend, these are the realities forced on us by others. These are prudent attempts to safeguard the public. The loss of freedoms is not by our choice but by the actions of others. If you can't see that then you are part of the problem itself.

Fear can either paralyze a nation or call it to greater action. We can only hope that our actions match and then surpass those of the enemy. The current recognized enemy does not possess the technology to spread these deadly anthrax threats. But I suspect we know who does.

A war half-fought is a war lost. Our history proves that. We urge our elected officials to demand increased punishment for those who pose a threat to this nation. Our goal is not an increased body count. Our goal is a return to the safety and freedom for which this nation stands. We cannot and should not accept anything less.

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