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Monday, September 24, 2001

I called in asking to put an ad in there about my little Maltese is missing and that he has asthma attacks and has short cut hair. I'm wondering how come they quit running my ad. I didn't call and tell them to quit running it.

Your ad ran in the classified section of the Standard Democrat Aug. 17-22. If you want to rerun the ad, you need to call 471-1137 for prices and dates to run it. Your announcement was also printed in SpeakOut, however longer comments sometimes have to be shortened due to the amount of space available. SpeakOut comments run one time only as a news item.

I live in the 300 block of East Gladys Street. When are they going to move that old, burned junk car that's sitting there almost in the middle of the block? I thought the City of Sikeston was going to clean up the city. There's also an old station wagon with a for sale sign on it. I thought they had to be in a car sales yard for things like that.

I'm looking for whoever adopted a female dog from the Sikeston Humane Society about 1 1/2 years ago. She's a mixed, medium-sized dog, long hair with white and black speckles. Her name is "Sweetie." She's very smart, likes to ride in a car and is very afraid of thunderstorms. I had to give up Sweetie due to lifestyle changes but I had her since she was born, about 7 or 8 years ago. I cannot get her out of my mind. I just need to know if she's happy and well cared for. If you adopted Sweetie, please call me at 472-9734.

I'm trying to get my dog into the Pal's Group, but in the place I live it's required that she take a Canine Good Citizens test. Is there any place in Southeast Missouri that gives that test?

Call Larry Stone at (573) 243-7187.

I'm calling about the article that said Scott County should take lessons from Mississippi County about courtesy. I have a son who spent eight months in the Scott County jail with Sheriff Ferrell and his deputies. I don't know what kind of problems they had, but those deputies up there always treated us with respect. If the inmates and those people treat the officials there with respect, then they will return that respect. Scott County is doing a fine job. I have no complaints whatsoever about this.

Another tax cut. That's what they're suggesting for the wealthy. The Social Security surplus is dwindling like a snowball in Hades. Three withdrawals in a month with the $40 billion for the clean up of New York. George W. is doing his best to rid the country of Social Security.

I noticed that every city around Sikeston has a blood drive. What's wrong with Sikeston? I have not seen anything in the news or in the paper that has anything to do with the war effort that Sikeston is to participate in. What's the matter with Sikeston?

Why hasn't the city of Sikeston had a blood drive? I've noticed the towns all around us have had them or will be having them. It would be good if we have one to show our community's support of the nation too.

Actually, two blood drives are scheduled in Sikeston. The American Red Cross will conduct a blood drive from 1:30 to 6 p.m. Sept. 25 at the First United Methodist Church, Highway 61 North. The second blood drive is set for 1 to 6 p.m. Sept. 26 at Scott County Central High School. Those planning to donate should bring some form of identification.

I went to a department store today, and would you believe there are no flags in sight? Would you believe there aren't even any displays of any kind that shows a flag. So much for buying American! This store should be ashamed. It's a disgrace that a big place like that doesn't have a big flag flying half-staff outside.

The attack on the United States caught everyone by surprise, including stores. The supply of American flags in area businesses which sell them, including the Standard Democrat, was immediately depleted following the Sept. 11 attack on America. The flags at Big Kmart in Sikeston, which were sold immediately, were those left over from July 4. Manager John Willems told us the store had not expected to need flags this time of year and none had been ordered. A supply is expected and he hopes they will be in stock by Sept. 24. Flags are on order at Wal-Mart and Lowe's, however the day they will be received is uncertain. Boomland will be receiving a shipment of miniature flags this week, however they don't know when the full size flags will be in. The Standard Democrat has also ordered flags and we hope to receive them by the end of the month.

Just as our Pledge of Allegiance, our flag represents "one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all." We must stand together as one nation united, as Americans, not just white Americans, African Americans or Christians, but also Hispanic Americans, Arab Americans, Jews, Muslims, Asian Americans and every other ethnic group that calls America its home. Many have sacrificed their liberty, freedom and lives in the past so we may enjoy this freedom. The time may come soon when we, too, must sacrifice our liberties, freedoms and even our lives to ensure that the great land will remain a land of freedom for generations to come. We must stand united or we will surely fall. We must abide by our nation's laws and do what is right even amid terror and chaos. For even with our faults, we still live in the very best country in the world.

I think the terrorist attacks on Tuesday were terrible. There are no words to describe how bad it was. I think one of the things that worries me the most, though, is the leader we have. Every time he says something besides what someone has written down for him, he sticks his foot in his mouth. He said he was going to wipe evil off the face of the earth. I want to wish him good luck in that. He also said this is the first war of the 21st century, like he was proud we were getting into it, and let it begin. Well, may God bless America.

I'd like to SpeakOut about the attack New York issue. Everybody wants to know why we want to go to war and why we want to go over there and that it's not fair for us to go over there and kill innocent people who didn't do it. They came over here and killed our innocent people and that's not right. It's not fair that they're getting fair warning that we're thinking of war, when we didn't have a fair chance when they went to war against us before this all happened, either.