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Monday, September 24, 2001

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If I were the terrorists who planned last week's attack, by this time I'd be on a freighter that goes around the world for six months. That's the best way I know to throw George W. off the trail until things cool down. It's foolish to start an all-out war until you find the terrorists.

Here where I live all the neighbors are saying the same thing. Thank God Al Gore wasn't in the White House when that terrible thing happened Tuesday. He's so hard-headed, he would have gone right out and started pushing buttons and we'd have been dropping bombs or something all over the whole world. He has no brains at all.

I am very impressed with the way President Bush is handling this crisis. I agree with him that justice must be served so our freedom can prevail and so terrorism can be eradicated.

I don't believe that I've heard the words African-American this week. I hope I never hear this word again. We're all Americans!

As I was reading the Sept. 16 editorial, I thought about how the United States is a very diversified country. One thing we should be very proud of is the differences we are willing to accept in people. We are not a country that is divided because of our differences. We are united because of our differences and we have the ability to live in that. I want us, as American citizens, to stop and take the time to forgive people who cut in front of us on the road. We are one. We are a united nation. We need to throw away all of our anger with American citizens for things they do to anger us. We do not understand, nor do we comprehend how small those differences are to us when someone cuts us off on the road, or when someone cuts in front of us in line. Those things are so important. I've read many times in SpeakOut when we are so angered at our neighbors about little things that mean nothing to us now. We have to stand behind our country. We have to stand behind our servicemen. I have a son-in-law who is waiting to go and have two grandsons who are sad because they don't know what their daddy is doing, where he's at or when he's going to be back. I have a daughter-in-law whose true love is out there and is fighting for us. He is on standby. He knows exactly where he's going but we don't know. This is very hard for my husband and me. This will be a very scary time for all of us. But the thing we have to stop and think about is that we are a nation and we are united. As much as I'd like to take the coward's way out and say don't do anything so we don't go to war, we have to stand up for what we believe. And we have to stand up for what my son-in-law is doing. I want everybody to stop and give others a little more patience and understanding.

God bless our President! God bless America and guide our President, our leaders, our service men and women and their families. This is a time for our country to come together in unity. If the Standard Democrat prints any more of the hate mail from the liberal Democrats, please do not deliver your newspaper to my home and cancel my subscription immediately.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed to all citizens in the U.S. Constitution.