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Aug. 23, 2001

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Speakout at 471-6636

I see that our local pharmacists are upset over the Medicare discount plan that President Bush and his Republicans are backing. These local pharmacists tell you what's wrong with the Bush plan. While running for the presidency, Mr. Bush promised a real Medicare drug plan, but now he says that would talk too much. His present plan is of little value and is really a pay-off to some of the large drug companies. Let's do as our pharmacists suggest and suggest the people listed on page of the Aug. 15 Standard Democrat. Tell them we don't want the Bush card plan. Tell them we want a real drug plan tied in with Medicare. Write or call your members of Congress now.

Thank you to our SpeakOut reader who forwarded the complete lye soap recipes to the Standard Democrat. We had inadvertently omitted the grease from an earlier recipe.

(Note: The second recipe did not call for grease.)

Granulated soap: 1 can lye, 1 cup liquid Purex or Clorox bleach, 7 cups cold water, 2/3 cups Borax, 5 pounds (10 cups) melted grease. Dissolve the lye and Borax in water; let grease melt until it is uncomfortable to fingers. Add bleach to lye water and pour slowly over grease and stir. Stir at intervals until it is granulated. Stir throughout the day occasionally. (1/4 cups Calgon or water softener may be added to a load of clothes [washer] if water is hard).

War-Time Soap Recipe: Dissolve one can lye in 1 pint water. Stir until completely dissolved and let cool to lukewarm. Put one gallon whole sweet milk in a large enamel pan. Stir until milk and lye mixture is about like thick honey. Set aside and let cool. Cut into bars and let dry out (cure).

Ione's Soap (makes 9 pounds): Clean a gallon of grease by bringing it to a boil in an equal amount of water. Remove from heat and stir in one quart of cold water. Remove fat when top gets firm. Dissolve one can lye in 2 1/2 pints of cold water by slowly adding the lye to the water. Stir with a wooden stick. Use a large enameled roaster pan for this (never use aluminum, glass or stoneware). Melt fat and let it cool gradually. Stir occasionally to prevent crystals of fat reforming. Pour lye solution into the melted fat in a thin steady stream with slow even stirring. Be sure not to stir too rapidly or it will cause separation. Keep slowly stirring with the wooden stick for 10-20 minutes until it becomes a thick syrupy consistency like thick honey. When it thickens like this, all the lye has gone into the fat. Leave it in the roaster pan and cover it with an old towel or blanket to retain heat. Let it stand about two months to cure. Cut into squares or grate with grater. Use 1 cup grated to soap to one washer of clothes. It really makes your clothes white (it is also good for head lice).

Thank you to all who submitted lye soap recipes.

Mowing grass into the city streets? I don't understand why individuals, businesses and some local churches find it necessary to blow the grass into the streets. It is such an eyesore for visitors and local citizens of this community to ride around and see piles of grass everywhere. It is obvious these people do not take pride in their property or the community. This is such a small thing, but leaves a big impact. So I ask the guilty to think ahead. Mow and blow toward your own property, not the city property. The solution is so simple.

We spoke these same words in an editorial four years ago. They remain TRUE today!

Nose attacks<.b>

This is for our neighbors. Maybe they'll read it. Please clean up the dog crap out of your yard. It stinks so bad we can't even stand to go out in our yard. You could at least scoop it up and put it in a lye pit or do something with it. It stinks so bad!

You Republicans called him Slick Willie. Well, it looks like Bush is pretty slick. He said he's against abortion but he turned around and was for stem cell research. He was for abortion all along. They're all just alike except that Clinton did get elected and Bush got appointed. Way to go, Republicans.