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SpeakOut 3/11

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Hillary all the way - Obama isn't ready!

I think you should start a "pet peeve" column and start with me. My pet peeve is when I call someone they put me on hold while they answer the phone for someone else. They can call back. I have call waiting but I never use it because I think the person I am talking to deserves my undivided attention. Thank you.

To the guy that keeps calling in "King George" this, and "King George" that. As far as he thinking people are ignorant, I can tell you one thing for sure. By the tone of your ignorant rant, I'm pretty sure you are correct when it comes to you.

Hats off to the lady who delivers The Standard paper in the rural East Prairie area. She delivered the paper in all the bad road conditions with exception of one day. I prayed she would not attempt delivery on those ice-covered roads. She's a real trooper. Thanks.

This is to the politicians from a working, tax-paying citizen. I would like to know when you are going to do something about the rising fuel prices, rising food prices, etc. I mean after all, if an oil company can make a record profit of over $44 billion, maybe they need to be in office. Tell me what you are going to do about all these illegal immigrants in the U.S. and why they get all these free benefits when they are not a productive member of our society. I would vote for a politician that would stop all benefits to illegal aliens and ship their butts back where they came from and enter back into the U.S. legally. I would vote for a politician that would fix prison overcrowding and stop supporting these good-for-nothing violent offenders and say if you are a convicted, violent offender and you want to fight, ship your butt to the front line in Iraq, put a gun in your hand and tell you if you live you get to stay there. If you die, they will bury you there. Then I would bring home all of our hard-working, dedicated soldiers - the real productive members of our society. I would vote for a politician that would stop taking on the full financial responsibility of all the other countries, especially those that do not assist others. Out of the two top presidential candidates, one of them is a whiner, the other can only tell you it's going to be a wonderful world after all the b.s. rhetoric is cut through. Neither one has provided any real solutions. I would vote for a politician that would focus on the real issues of today, rather than the things with less importance. Neither candidate has any real answers to the problems of today. I guess Mr. Politician, what I am telling you is our nation's highest political office is a real job where you should have the interest of the legal U.S. citizens at the forefront. It is not a popular TV host job and I'm sure there are many tax-paying, working citizens that feel like I do. If the self-serving, good for nothing politicians can't get off their butts and do their job, then you too should have your butt shipped to Iraq.

This is to the person I know of. If you don't start paying attention pretty soon, you'll probably end up with a shack-up son-in-law the way that old man keeps coming to your house all the time. He must not have anything better on his own to do, meaning older company his own age.

I'm calling to do as the article SpeakOut serves an important role suggests I do, give credit where credit is due and of course, add my own views as well. SpeakOut is the most gracious gift on behalf of the publisher and a powerful tool we as readers are fortunate to be afforded. I feel SpeakOut is one of the most important portions of the paper because it's the voice of the people in our community. It's my personal opinion that this portion of The Democrat best serves the people and the egos of the paper itself. It should be expanded so more people can express themselves. It's my sincerest of hopes, that the issues of importance and enlightenment are what find their way to press. In a world where our rights and privileges are being consumed at a rate surpassed only by our national resources, we would do well to use this one wisely. Remember, it's when good people do nothing that evil flourishes. I encourage all of you to express yourselves, raise awareness and quite possibly find an avenue of resolve.