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Your View

Monday, October 29, 2001

I come from a time when common sense prevailed, which seems to be lacking in our under-experienced but highly educated society, and being politically correct had not been invented.

My common sense tells me our American school children should not send their dollars to President Bush to give to Afghanistan's children. They will never see it. They should send their dollars to New York to help the thousands of children that were orphaned by Osama bin Laden. We should stop all supplies going into Afghanistan from us and anyone else. Feeding your enemy is unbelievably foolish.

In World War II, if Roosevelt had sent cargo plans over Germany dropping supplies, Gen. George Patton would have shot them down. We are dropping supplies from the air in a nation that won't even let us land there. It likely costs us $100 to drop off a can of pork and beans. The wheat we have been giving them for years costs us a minimum of $25 per bushel to bag it and ship it to their door. Afghanistan has been providing bin Laden with a safe haven, keeping him well fed on our food while he blew up our embassy, soldiers' compound, the USS Cole, killing hundreds of innocent Americans, and we just kept sending them food. Afghanistan is our enemy and we need to whip the entire country.

It has been reported that Iran is supplying the Taliban with American made weapons, the same ones Ronald Reagan, Colonel North, General Secord and Admiral Poindexter sold Iran to get the American hostages released, violating the law, the Constitution, oath of office and their honor. Supplying the enemy with food and weapons will increase substantially the numbers of American troops killed and wounded. Our enemies are so lucky.

Richard Nixon ended the draft and went to the voluntary military to favor the privileged. As a result, we now have a generation who are mostly in charge that never wore the uniform and neither will their sons. They are totally without military experience.

Colin Powell scares me. He is over there now giving them blank checks on our U.S. Treasury and the deficit spending monster we had subdued is now roaring out of control.

You don't play games, politics or popularity contests with soldiers' lives. If you do, you are a traitor and should be hanged. If you aid the enemy in any way, you are a traitor and should be hanged.

What they need in Washington is a buck private who has been on the front line. He knows exactly how to whip that little country quickly and on his terms. He would cut off all supplies and starve them down.

For my critics, I am a World War II foot soldier and that is the last war this nation won.

W.T. Woods