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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Call 471-6636

This is for the person in a small town who has traps with the water meter. I used to live in a small town (probably the same one) and I also set traps on my meter so I could tell if it had been opened and it hadn't been until my son came home one night. My water bill went up $30. So I went down demanding from the woman who was supposed to be reading the meter why my bill went up $30. She said it was because I had company for a couple of weeks. I told her I had company overnight and we didn't use that much water. Then I proceeded to tell her how the trap was set. Would you believe the next month my trap was removed and they carried it off with them. After that they started reading the meter and I would go out and read it after they left.

Someone said in the Nov. 18 SpeakOut there were only 25 World War II veterans from four counties who claimed their medals. There were 12 more at the American Legion on Nov. 11 who were qualified but did not receive their medals. Maybe someone from the American Legion or National Guard Armory could explain why these 12 didn't receive theirs.

Racism is a disease that is spreading like wild fire through this town. Racism brings hate, it causes destruction of people's lives and also brings intolerance. When you look at the world and the situation it is in now, this is the last thing we need. The very same blood that flows through my veins is flowing through the black man, Hispanic, Mexican - the same color blood. People, wake up and realize that even though you may be black, white, Hispanic, yellow or red, we're all equal. God created us equal. We must stop the hating. Hating also brings violence. Focus your eyes on God and ask him for strength. In this time now, we need more love and less hate.

To the person who had her car repossessed without being a month behind, please put the name of that dealership in the paper so we buyers can beware. We bought a phone and they shut us off before we even had it two months. Now they want $340 for early cancellation. We didn't cancel. They did. So beware when you buy a phone.

Sorry, caller. Just as we cannot name the phone service you're referring to, we cannot publish the name of the dealership the car owner was calling about.

Why isn't black gospel music played during the week on the local radio stations and not just on Sunday?

Call the station that carries the program you're referring to. Local stations are listed in the telephone book.

Does anyone know when the next Hunter Safety Course will be taken in this area?

The current session was recently completed. We will publish the information on the next course when it is received from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

I would like to buy some seasoned fire wood, but don't need a whole rank. Is there anybody who will sell and deliver half a rank?