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Friday, November 9, 2001

In regards to the article, "Policy in question" in the Nov. 1 SpeakOut, in which someone questioned the police following cars of white people going down on the west end of town, I will say this. I'm also white, and wouldn't mind if they followed me and turned where I turned even if it happened every day. This is because I don't have anything to hide and I'm appreciative that the police are taking such a serious concern about the drug problem we have in this town. I would definitely suggest that you do not speak for the majority of the people in this town.

When you go to the stores to buy something, everything is from Mexico or another foreign country. You can't even buy a sweatshirt made in America. We had factories in Sikeston and Puxico and they closed them and sent them to Mexico. No wonder our economy is down. I don't know what the American people are going to do if they don't bring our jobs back to America. It wasn't Bush. Don't blame it on Bush. You don't go bankrupt over night and you don't move a factory over night.

I would like to know why nothing is being done about these kids who walk home in the afternoon after school, going down the road unattended and using everybody's yard for a garbage can. I'm tired of picking up McDonald's. Today I came home and there was a footprint on my mailbox. My mailbox has been destroyed and now I have to get a new one because some kid decided he didn't have anything better to do. Well, now I'm going to decide that I don't have anything better to do when I catch these children. Somebody needs to do something about this situation. Ables Road looks like a junkyard.

I'm calling again. I live on Matthews Street and am constantly being disturbed by these large pieces of machinery that are doing construction work down here for this new storage unit that says, "Malone Avenue Storage." I want to know why it's called Malone Avenue Storage when it's on Matthews Street. Could you please print this this time?

Your previous call about why the storage unit is in a residential area was explained earlier in SpeakOut. As far as why the business was given its name, you would have to ask the owner that one.

I'm calling about the woman who was complaining that her floor is wet all the time and the owner of the home won't fix it. If she would do it right because this lady's supposed to be a Christian, just call a plumber out and have him fix it. Then show the landlord the receipt showing how much it cost and you don't have to pay it. God bless you and I'll keep you in my prayers for this.

I agree with Troy Wilson. The more information available to the citizen as to how our government is run, the more comfortable the average citizen will be with our government. I say let the sun shine in.