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With Tyson, boxing ring is a circus ring

Friday, January 25, 2002

Mike Tyson is crazy. Now that should come as no great shock to anyone who has followed the career of the former heavyweight boxing champion. But seriously folk, Mike Tyson should be banned from the boxing ring for life. Beyond that however, someone, somewhere should mandate that Tyson receive massive amounts of counseling and medication in the hope that he will not kill someone.

Tyson was at it again this week when he launched into a sneak attack during a news conference to promote his upcoming fight with Lennox Lewis. Tyson's stupidity may actually cause the fight to be canceled but that's for another day.

The truly disturbing aspect of this story was the way Tyson reacted following the brouhaha. Tyson, looking and ranting like the lunatic he is, stood on stage and spewed forth a stream of trash that would make a sailor blush. But Tyson - in our social double standards - yelled obscenities against the white reporters covering the fiasco and screamed racist remarks. Had Tyson been white, he would today be banned from boxing for life. You bet ya. But society is afraid of Mike Tyson which is both absurd and, yet, somehow really close to the truth.

Tyson's history includes prison time of course and his famous bite fight. But he's also tested positive for drug use, has been disqualified from fights, has been charged with sexual harassment a handful of times and is currently under investigation for rape. Why, I ask, is some boxing commissioner not paying attention? Why is this animal allowed to conduct his "sport" in this country? Or more importantly, why does the world need Mike Tyson?

Tyson is the "gangsta" element of the boxing world and, in a sense, to some within the minority community. The more outrageous his actions, the larger his image. He is held in high esteem by an element of society that holds nothing sacred, that believes rules of civil society are for others and that breeds this insane mindset to others.

Mike Tyson is a classless fool who has turned his sport into a circus. He is not just bad for boxing. He is bad for our society as a whole. Watching Mike Tyson is all about how far one human can slide into the pit of destruction. Lennox Lewis would do well to reject a Tyson fight. But when $50 million is on the line, good men turn dumb as well.

I'd like nothing more than to forget Mike Tyson ever existed. He is an embarrassment to America and to himself, though that makes no difference to him. And someday Mike Tyson will meet fate head-on. It won't be Lennox Lewis or some other pug in the ring. It will be from some other classless animal who has learned his lessons from the actions of Mike Tyson. And it won't be pretty. How fitting!

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