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With good reason we remember today

Friday, December 7, 2001

I honestly cannot imagine the emotions among those who remember this day back in 1941. I watched the new film release "Pearl Harbor" this week and perhaps it captures some of the feelings of that fateful day. Of course having not been alive then, I can only imagine that day through the stories that are told.

Unfortunately for far too many, today will bring little remembrance of that "day of infamy" and how it changed the world. Those changes are abundant today and will remain forever. Current society may well compare the Sept. 11 attack to Pearl Harbor but I seriously doubt it accurately compares. Hopefully it's as close as we'll come.

Veterans will surely pause and reflect today. The declining ranks of the World War II veterans will retell stories of that balmy Sunday morning. But the retelling of those stories will never do justice to the emotions and the feelings that impacted this nation 60 years ago today.

I am no student of history necessarily but in hindsight, there were countless signs that should have alerted our nation that something massive was about to occur. Maybe those same signs were in the shadows Sept. 11. Yet the comparisons stop there. It does no good to compare body counts because that boils history down to raw numbers. And history is so much more.

Like few other dates in history, those who were alive then will vividly remember exactly where they were when the news broke of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. How frightening that must have been. Only by living through those events can we truly understand the impact on history this day had and continues to have even today.

And my how history changes. Japan and Germany today are among our strongest allies. Both have committed resources to our current fight against terrorism. Had you predicted 60 years ago of today's global alliances they surely would have laughed. But thus is the nature of mankind perhaps. We'll leave that to history to decide.

Though I cannot recall that day, I will pause at some point and silently thank those brave young men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom 60 years ago today. I only hope and pray we do justice to their memories. They deserve nothing less.

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