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Friday, December 14, 2001

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What happened to Candy Cane Lane on Edmondson Street this year?

Once again the New York Yankees are attempting to buy post-season success long before the grueling season has begun. They are pursuing Jason Giambi, Darin Erstad, and even Barry Bonds! This is a ridiculous show by George Steinbrenner, and should perhaps turn into a wake up call for Major League Baseball. There needs to be a salary cap. When a man, and a felon I might add, can use his funds to swindle the rest of the lower market teams from breaking into greatness everyone is hurt. I know the point to the game especially on the professional level is to win, but there is a cost for everything and the cost now is competition. Above all, the Yankees and their fans should realize it's not the number of games you win that makes you or your team a success, it's how you persevere through the tougher years and come out the next year, every year, and attempt another run at a ring with all you got that makes you a true champion. Not buying up the best players so the rest of the teams are fighting tooth and nail to have a chance at even a division title! The last few years I haven't become more and more of an anti-yankee fan, I've simply become more and more of a BoSox fan!

I want to thank all the people of the General Baptist Church at Morehouse for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they fixed for the elderly people. I hope they know how much it was appreciated. I also want to thank whoever in Sikeston fixed the Thanksgiving dinners over here. A few years ago, the Assembly of God Church fixed Thanksgiving dinners for the elderly in Morehouse and I think it is a mighty nice thing. Thank you a million to each and every one of you. God bless.

All I can say is, you've done it again. Look in the engagements on Dec. 11 and the engagement of is ridiculous the way it is set up. Surely to goodness you can get it right. Please, please, do these engagements a service and do it right.

The information written in the engagement is correct and was approved by the future bridegroom's mother. The problem was when the computer aligned the column. We are trying to find out what caused the problem.