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Wednesday, November 7, 2001

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I saw where they're wanting to raise their taxes on some people that own their homes and property and things. Some have sent their kids through school, have grandkids and great-grandkids and are working to pay their way. The way for them to do this is to charge every parent who has a kid in school $1 a month for each kid. That would help the schools and help these that have them in there (four and five), feeding them free lunches and everything and others are sending them to school. A dollar a month for each child would help each child.

Can someone please tell me where I can purchase Ann Marr bath oil?

Two Sikeston Eagles members showed up, sorry. We have regular meetings the first and third week of each month, set so you will know when we meet so you don't have to run our organization down in the newspaper.

I just want to say thanks to a man named "Charlie" from the gas company. He came and checked out my house for a gas leak. I didn't have a leak, but he went over everything thoroughly and explained to me what I was smelling and took care of the problem. It was just that he had such a nice manner about him and made me feel so comfortable. I had someone out here earlier to check and he never found the problem and Charlie did. Thanks, Charlie. We need more people like you.

Rush Limbaugh and Tony Heckemeyer are not the only ones who thought of having the airlines exchange tickets for financial aid. I came up with the idea weeks ago and told my friends at the coffee shop about it. Limbaugh and Heckemeyer stole the idea from me.

I had a truck stolen Saturday night in Dexter. It ended up in Sikeston. The thieves that put the stuff in the alleys next to the trash can where Sonny's Solid Waste had seen it and called the law and they returned my stuff. I just want to say thanks to the girl at Sonny's Solid Waste for being honest and returning my stuff.

There are several people who own their homes on East Matthews Street who are very upset about the construction that is going on with the new so-called Malone Storage Unit. Why is this being allowed to be done in a residential area? Our property papers state that this a residential area and I would like to know when it was deeded to be otherwise.

We answered this question in SpeakOut several months ago. The whole north side of Matthews Street from Selma to the dead end is zoned commercial property (C-3 highway commercial).

The Pentagon had to choose between Missouri and Texas to spend $300 billion. They chose Texas. Does it come as any surprise that George Bush would pick Texas over Missouri? George Bush told Missourians to kiss-off. Three hundred billion dollars would go a long way for Missouri employment. Thanks, Republicans. We'll remember this.

The people on the Most Wanted List have long, skinny faces. I guess they must be looking for a long, skinny-faced person.

Oh, the wonders of modern technology.

Has anyone tried the phonics game they advertise on TV or maybe have one for sale?