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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

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As a small businessman in Sikeston for many years, I wonder, are there are any young people in this town who are not involved in drug rehab, drug counseling, are on probation for some crime they have committed? I sure get tired of these applicants coming in looking for work. They've got to have Tuesdays off to go to court, this day off to go to rehab. You can't get five days out of them because they have to be gone four days to court and related activities.

It's awful the way they want to sue Cracker Barrel. I've been there a lot of times and a lot of times in Cape. You have to stand there and wait for a table that will accommodate the number of people in your party. You have to wait until they bring your food to you. I've seen them bring food to people who ordered before we did, but it depends on what you order. I think they just want to get a lot of money out of them so they can buy a new car or something. I don't think Cracker Barrel discriminates against anybody. Every time I've been in there, they treat us just as nice as anywhere else I eat. It's a shame for people to go around suing these places.

I have a bad cold and cough a lot. I try to catch all those bugs I may be exposing people to, but what do I do with them after I've caught them? My pockets are full of tissues and I get very little sleep.

I figured out what CDTA means on those trucks that run through town. C stands for "can't," D stands for "drive," T stands for "today" and A stands for "at all."

How disappointed one can be when you encounter a situation like I did Friday at a Sikeston store. I got robbed by a man and woman accomplice. They wouldn't let me through and go out the door. They held me up enough minutes for the woman to get a gift certificate I had in my purse. So beware, shoppers. This is a despicable thing to do, so watch for it. I'm lucky it wasn't my billfold.

At a chain grocery store in Sikeston, they charged me for three dozen eggs recently when I only bought one. I have a relative who lives in Chicago who shops at the same chain store there. He was charged for three dozen eggs and only bought two dozen. It's a chain grocery store, although I can't put the name in the paper.

It is always advisable to watch the price of each item appear on the register screen as the cashier is checking out your goods.

To the caller who bases his manhood on the fact that he is a Republican, which makes him a man. It is obvious you have a small problem that is generally referred to as "envy."