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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

SpeakOut 7/25

Monday, July 26, 2004

Call 471-6636

This is for all the citizens over here in East Prairie. Now they want another 1/2-cent sales tax for transportation. They want to raise the transportation tax on Nov. 2. Is this going to be just like our swimming pool? It has been three full years now and we don't even see a foundation going up for the swimming pool. Where is all that money that they have collected for the last three years?

About two weeks ago there was a SpeakOut about the 300 block of William Street being so bad and all this stuff, and someone said it wasn't a fit place to live. This person got their wires crossed who talked about a pink or purple house in the 400 block. We know who called in this SpeakOut. We love all our neighbors on the 300 block. It's a clean neighborhood; we try to keep it clean.

On July 14 there was a SpeakOut about John Kerry and the president thing. I would prefer John Kerry being in office to George Bush. I believe that, even though George Bush did something when we were attacked on 9/11, I don't believe we will be attacked if John Kerry gets into office. I found it funny when the person said they would vote for him if he was running to catch a plane to Iraq. I would vote for George Bush if he were running to catch a plane to Iraq.

I actually had to laugh at the July 15 SpeakOut that said "President Bush has only had one job, and that's President?" Hah, Hah! What do you call working your way through school, buying and managing a ranch, being smart enough to invest wisely in oil and being governor of Texas? No, it's not his fault about gas prices. What has Kerry done? In the service four months (big deal); sitting in the Senate and missing two-thirds of the votes. Some call managing to marry two super-rich women (what either ever saw in him is beyond me), and between the women he had to sleep on relatives' couches because he had no job. With all his or her money, he was still begging for money. No, you won't be any better off if you get him, unless you're one of the freeloaders because he plans to tax, tax and tax the middle-class workers to pay for his big ideas. We have several big problems this summer with pests, mosquitoes, ants and lying Democrats. Take your pick.

I have called twice to the swimming pool company that is advertised on TV for a $299 swimming pool. They said to make an appointment for a representative to come down and show us their package. I called and they said they don't have anybody in the area. But I had just called last night and made an appointment for today. They have lied to me twice. Makes you wonder what kind of people these are who lie to you. Would they stand good on a warranty that comes with a pool?