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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

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A C-4 is a plastic explosive that can be loaded in any shape, form or fashion. You can burn it, put a block on it and shoot it with a rifle and it won't explode. It takes a plastic wrap to explode a C-4. So concerning all this crap that's been going on about it, the airplane bomber didn't do his homework and the news media didn't do theirs either.

I read in the paper where someone lost their lives in an accident at Highway 60 between Matthews and Sikeston. That road is a very dangerous road and I just cannot believe the Highway Patrol would not patrol that road a little more. Anybody who lives around this area has driven that road and know if you go 60 miles an hour (that's the speed limit), cars will fly around you or get on your butt and ride you bumper to bumper until you speed up. Now someone has died on that road. Now maybe the state garage or county or somebody will pick up the patrol a little bit. That is a very, very dangerous road. People who drive it know how dangerous it is.

I'm calling about how my little cousin was so sweet this Christmas. Their house had burned down and they were living with some friends. She spent her last $5 to give her mom a little gift and that brought tears to my eyes and to her mother's eyes.