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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Speakout 11/19

Monday, November 19, 2001

You big city officials around the area should take your lessons from Anniston on how to spend money on your cities. Anniston runs the whole city with two workers, a clerk and an odd-and-end man. All we have is water and sewer so why is it you big cities can't get along with all the money you drag in? I guess Anniston drags it in too, but they do pretty good.

OK, members of the Eagles Club. Walter's back scheduling events. Come on, come on Saturday night.

Once again the great Harry Potter debate wages on. Well, I don't entirely disagree with Christians who think Harry Potter might be a problem because of at least fictional witchcraft content. If we're going to accuse Harry Potter of possibly being a Satan, steeped in witchcraft, then we should look at the recently released Disney Classic DVD Snow White. I believe that late 1930s classic refers to witchcraft at least a few times and even references black magic. Although it may be a fictional tale, does it still make it right in the Lord's eyes? I wonder. That's a good question for you who interpret and tell us what the verses of the Bible mean. We should examine if those things might also be Satanic. I must ask the age-old question, what would Jesus do with Snow White and its black magic references? If it's good for Harry Potter, it's good for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I also believe that Harry Potter is nothing but witchcraft and sorcery, however, I also add that as a Christian and parent, I would not allow my children or grandchildren to read these books. But not everyone believes the way I do. We can't censor everything, as everyone has the right to choose. If you're a Christian parent, look into it, know what you're talking about and those who aren't Christian parents and are allowing their children to read these things, they need to look into it as well. I agree that getting children to read is a good thing. But there are too many other things they could read that are just as enjoyable.