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Thursday, November 8, 2001

Call 471-6636

I used to walk into the Charleston Wal-Mart and could get anything I wanted. I am handicapped and when I walk the length of the parking lot in Sikeston, I'm worn out. Then when I get to a wheelchair they're either gone or the batteries are down. If the Sikeston Wal-Mart expects people to show up at their store, they need to get some more wheelchairs. I can't make it through that big store and get the items I need.

Are the laws any different in Matthews than they are in Sikeston, New Madrid or East Prairie? They have people here in town who drive for months on temporary tags and the chief doesn't do anything about it. Is there a different set of laws for Matthews? If so, I'm not going to buy any more licenses.

Please tell me that the total for the baseball concession stand of $164,337 is a misprint. It's gotta be.

The cost we printed for this project is correct.

I have been reading about the dogs that are being stolen in Sikeston and thought of my little chihuahua who was picked up by the dog catcher in East Prairie. It ran out of my house by accident Thursday. The dog catcher took it to the pound and someone broke into the pound and stole it, according to him. He's a little tan male chihuahua and is a little child's pet. So not only is someone stealing dogs from Sikeston, but also from East Prairie. Somebody should stop this. Too many children are suffering. Who's stealing these dogs? We need to work together and try to find out.

If anyone has seen a little tan chihuahua with a white mark on his chest and four white feet in the East Prairie area, please call (573) 649-5096 or 748-5804? He's a little girl's pet who has asthma and she misses him terribly. He has a white mark on his back and answers to the name "Coco."

I've been reading the news stories about the new Cardinals stadium. I was initially against it but then I found out that it won't cost us any more tax dollars unless we visit the stadium or the new Ball Park Village. I would encourage everybody to call State Sen. Peter Myers to vote for this. This is a great investment for Missouri and not just St. Louis and I think it will benefit people in Southeast Missouri as well as the city.

Dogs are tested for anthrax before union postal workers? Policemen and firemen are arrested at Ground Zero in New York? What's next from this Republican regime?