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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 7/22

Thursday, July 22, 2004

To the people who are going to vote for John Kerry and John Edwards. You need to listen to them at one of their little rallies. If you believe in God, you better understand that they are pro-choice. If you want to carry your gun when you're not at home, you better go listen to them. They are anti-guns. There are a lot of things about these boys. You better check their voting records because you don't know what they vote for or what they don't. Sorry, I don't want any man up there who tells me he was too busy to go vote for the Laci Peterson law.

I want to dedicate a song to the City of Sikeston, the Standard Democrat and all the Republican people. The song is "If you put a little love in your heart, this world would be a better place." If you live by the rules of the Bible, we would be a nice place to live in. The Bible says to suffer the poor people and quit trying to keep up with the Joneses. You are going against the Bible when you say the poor and low income people should keep up with the Joneses when they can't afford to do it. Sikeston and all of you all are the biggest hypocrites there are. I will take my tax dollars and I will move out of Sikeston because I can't afford to keep up with the Joneses. If that's what you want, you little rich people can pay the taxes from now on. We don't have any jobs. How can you expect us to keep up when there aren't any jobs here? They sold out and moved to Mexico. Try to be nice and live like the Bible says we're supposed to live, the world would be a better place. You try to live like the antichrist wants you to live.

I would like to thank the Morehouse Fire Department for putting out a fire on July 5 and for keeping my house from burning. The electric company got my electricity restored and the cable company also restored my service very quickly. I would also like to thank Miss Nell for offering her help several times in mowing my yard; Miss Covington for stopping by several times to see if I needed help; the minister of the Morehouse Baptist Church for stopping by to offer his assistance; and I would like to thank the man who watched my granddaughter while all this was going on; and Miss Barnes for offering her assistance; and a neighbor's grandson, whose name I do not know. I would like to thank them for offering us a place to stay. I would also like to thank my brothers and sister-in-law, Jackie and Stephanie Breeden for being there every time I needed them; and Charles and Blanche Breeden, with all the trials they have been through this year, for always being there. I want to tell them I love them very much. They have been there every time I needed them. Thanks to Roger Ross for his help, as well as Charles Breeden and Phil Gadberry for the loan of their vehicles and everyone else who has helped. May God bless you and add extra joy to your lives.

Every 15 minutes John Kerry is on TV wanting to close loopholes and stop jobs from being sent overseas. It was my impression that the Democrats, under Bill Clinton, are who shipped the jobs overseas. He almost gave away the whole country before he got put out.

I read the Phantom comics in SpeakOut every week but it seems like from Friday to Sunday, the stories don't line up. The Phantom in the Sunday comics doesn't match the Phantom in the Standard every week. Why?

The Standard Democrat doesn't write or produce the comics. We purchase the comics from a feature syndicate. They are printed as we receive them.