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Speakout 12-23

Monday, December 24, 2001

I would like to comment to the person who was talking about the vaccination for the ear infection and made that made an honest living and others stay at home and do nothing and live off welfare. I would like to say my husband both work and both of our children receive Medicaid so not all people who receive Medicaid stay at home. So do not judge people who have Medicaid for their children. It is not fair and it aggravates people like me to read stuff like that in the newspaper.

I wonder if anyone from the city drove down Tanner Street the last few days. It was and still is covered by water. I thought the ditch was suppose to have been cleaned out. What happened?

This entire region should prepare for a major earthquake before the end of the year....

In response to the person who said one of the chain stores in Sikeston charged them for three dozen eggs when they only bought one, you said watch the register screen for the price as they go. It's hard to catch this since they go fast. The best thing to do is look at your receipt at home. If you find a mistake, go back as soon as you can to the service desk with your receipt. Tell them and they will refund your money. You will notice a lot of sale items ring up at regular price. Ten cents here and two cents there isn't much, but over a period of time and a lot of people, look how it adds up for the store. People, look at your receipt and let them know. Maybe this will get better. Bad produce and moldy cake can also be taken back. As a person on a limited income, I have to watch my receipts and I do complain. Be sure and watch your receipt, only when you get home and out of the way.

We stand by our original advice. However, you are correct. The items are scanned at a fast pace and sometimes it is hard to keep up. You would be better to check your receipt at the store. Some stores require you to have your entire purchase when you go to the service desk to show them the error. This saves you time and a return trip to the store and the customer service people are able to help you more quickly. Everybody benefits from doing it this way.

I'm calling about the flooding in Sikeston. I saw pictures in the paper of Dona Street. If you come to Miner, you will be able to see more water and get more coverage for the newspaper. The road on David Lane is water-covered. It's hard to get down and the homes in that area are flooded and people are having to sandbag.

I was reading in the Dec. 19 paper where a church in New York City was going to sue the city for running the homeless off of steps so they couldn't sleep there. If the church is letting homeless people sleep on the doorsteps so they'll be safe, and the policemen are handcuffing them and beat them and run them off and don't give them a place to sleep, what is a person to do? They say the church is in the wrong, but yet the police isn't giving them a place to be safe at night and they don't have anywhere to go. Can you explain that to me? I don't understand the law.