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Sunday, December 23, 2001

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Yes I have the answer to your question on the birth announcement of the woman with nine children. The lady that has the nine children lives in Charleston, Missouri. She doesn't have any of them in her home, they have all been placed in different foster homes because she has an addiction problem. Also this young lady is in her late 30s or early 40s. So welfare in a sense is taking care of these children because most of them are in foster care, those not in foster care have been adopted out.


I wanted to comment about the lady in the paper who had nine kids and had never been married and don't work. The Bible says if you don't help yourself then don't help them. They are responsible for their kids, not us.

I have an aunt that lives in Washington, D.C., and I recently asked her if she was shocked by all the terrorism and she said no she wasn't because she has been in the military member, recognized global commissions and on-going potential for all out nuclear war. And she also said that this chaotic days make for much uneasiness, however she said that the Bible instructs to not be troubled. She also said that word is the Lord's to remember that our lives can be kept on an even keel. So if we learn from these words and keep trying we will learn from what she has to say.

I was calling Speakout about the many complaints I'm hearing about the Sikeston Middle School. I've heard many complaints about the Sikeston Middle School and I have not heard this many complaints about any other school. I think someone needs to go out there and check out what they are doing. Instead of having police officers sit in the class and see what the children are doing they need to be learning about how to teach them not to break the law. I know someone who has to go to the Alternative Center for the rest of the school year just for asking a question and they arrested him for trespassing because he was not suppose to go to school and he did anyway just because he was trying prove a point that no one should have to go to the alternative center just for asking a teacher a question and the teacher told him to stand up for no reason at all and he asked why and he got sent to the office. I don't know if that shocks you but that isn't fair so would you please call in, I look in the paper and I see people calling in about Bible verses and political stuff. This stuff doesn't deserve to be in the paper we need to Speakout about stuff we can have a say in. We can't have a say about Bible verses or things like that. We need to speak out about this thing instead of having three or four comments on Bible versus witchcraft.

I was calling Speakout about an incident. We had got stranded because we ran out of gas and some man helped us. We would like to thank him and God bless you.