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Speakout 1/13

Monday, January 14, 2002

In your Jan. 6 "Transportation needs continue to grow," how many more times are you going to try to milk that money tree, Transportation Department? I know it's at Jefferson City, but you guys had a plan a few years ago and it didn't work either, so what makes you think this is going to work? Quit wasting our doggone taxpayer money and fix these darned roads and quit wasting our money. I'm tired of your crap.

I am coach of a local soccer team. We're going to an indoor soccer tournament Jan. 19 and 20 in Perryville. If anyone has a bus that they would donate or rent to us cheap for the trip, it would certainly be appreciated. If you would be willing to help, call Jason at 481-0181.

It's about time the Legislature adopts rules for the police and the manner in which they can use their code. The two lives lost near Scott County Central High School shouldn't have happened. It says the deputy was on an emergency for a stolen vehicle. The only time they should use their red lights and siren is if it's a life-or-death situation. They need to make legislation slowing the police down.

There is a problem when a located stolen vehicle takes precedent over human life. I truly don't believe the deputy meant to kill anyone, but a code response was not necessary to answer this type of call. He was using his authority as a deputy to do something that should be illegal if it isn't. As a result, two people are dead - one, a child who had just celebrated her 12th birthday and her aunt; and the child's family was torn asunder with the dad and another daughter in critical condition in the hospital. How in the world will the mother be able to tell the dad and the sister the horrible news? There are only 11 months between the two little girls. Surely this deputy will suffer the rest of his life for this careless act, but maybe he will be a better officer because of it. I truly hope that is the case, because I'm sure the law will not punish him, and perhaps it shouldn't. I don't know.

I was calling about the crash involving the deputy sheriff's car. It said the lady had pulled out in front of the deputy and he was responding to an emergency call. I saw on the news where Bill Ferrell said he was responding to an abandoned, stolen vehicle. Where was the emergency?

We contacted Scott County Sheriff Bill Ferrell with your question. "The emergency was that it was after dark. The vehicle was a large truck sitting beside the road and endangering traffic with possible suspects still in the area."