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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about "Actions are questioned" in the Scott County Sheriff's department about how an emergency call on a stolen truck cost a little girl and her aunt their lives. It's a shame. She should have been looking behind her when the deputy was going around her, but apparently she wasn't. It wasn't his fault they got killed.

I'm sure if it had been some of the sheriff's family killed, he'd have a different story to tell. He'd put the blame where it went instead of the deputy coming up the road with a little blinker on the dash (which you can hardly see even if you're looking hard) driving 90-95 miles an hour after a vehicle that had been stolen for two or three days. What a shame.

According to news reports, the deputy was going to identify a stolen vehicle. If that were true, I don't see how that could be classified as an emergency that would justify him probably driving well above the speed limit. If the three cars were relatively close, it would be very hard to see the flashing lights on the fourth car behind you. In most cases, an officer would be suspended until the investigation is completed. Apparently this did not happen. If his siren wasn't on, it should have been. All too often you see law enforcement officers driving at high rates of speed with neither lights nor sirens on. What do they think they're for? I feel that from what has been made public so far, he was guilty of careless and reckless driving, as most people would be under the same circumstances. After that, what else could the Sheriff's Department and Bill Ferrell say, except to extend sympathy to the family?

This is to the 13-year-old who was wanting to work. I wish you were old enough. I would hire you in a second because so many people don't want to work but they want to draw a paycheck. You sound like you're willing to work. I hope you find something soon.

Why do Sikeston Public Schools treat different people in different manners when their children are caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia in school? It seems as though a girl who was recently caught with drug paraphernalia has been allowed back in school when other children are put on probation or expelled for the rest of the school year. I thought Sikeston had a zero tolerance policy, but apparently it depends on what your last name is.

If anybody in the Sikeston area gives lessons for a baritone ukulele please leave your number in the paper and I will get in touch with you.