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Speakout 11/25

Monday, November 26, 2001

I'm calling about the Nov. 15 SpeakOut in the paper about school officials. I agree totally with what the person said about Veterans Day. My grandfather was killed and let me tell you something, if it weren't for the veterans, there wouldn't be a Martin Luther King Day. They dismiss school on his birthday because he was black and they don't want black people crying "racism," but all the white people's families sent their fathers or brothers or grandfathers and they died. They don't care nowadays. Now days it's just to please the black and that's why we are out of school on Martin Luther King Day. Now, SpeakOut, you're supposed to print as long as you don't use foul language and stuff.

If you want pigeons, call 683-4308.

Hats off to the person who called about the lawyer being arrested and sentenced to 40 months on drugs. Of course there is a problem with the justice system. There always has been and always will be. If you've got the pull, the right job, name or money, you can usually get yourself out of them problems and you make the point brilliantly. Many times I've seen a lot of people in town and in the area go up for a lot longer than that. And this involved the feds, too. I certainly agree with you. We have to wonder, too, I hear we won't see any further indictments. Of course you won't see any further indictments because that would go too far into the alleged drug ring in Southeast Missouri, wouldn't it?

Just to get one fact straight about the local lawyer, he pled guilty. There was no trial. He admitted to the facts and admitted to distributing methamphetamine.

You people who trust the Red Cross so much, I hope you're happy. All the money we donated and raised for the World Trade Center, two people have lost their husbands and didn't get any of that money. They gave one lady a grant to pay her rent for three months and they hadn't given her any money or any help. They took over $650 million and they only spread out $6 million, they claim. These people aren't getting that money. It was supposed to be for the World Trade victims. I won't be donating to them any more after what happened. If I give any more money, I'll give it myself.

Why didn't you print what I called in last week about two organizations that collect money? It was true because it was on the news. Could it be that you agree with the way they give away a lot of the donations that were meant for the victims of the terrorist attacks to the defense of the terrorists who were arrested that day? Or do you agree with the organization that caved in to the homosexuals who give insurance and other benefits to their significant others? Who should we give money to? Them or the kids at Christmas time? Which one do you agree with, Mike. We'd like to know.

In answer to the Nov. 15 SpeakOut "No hero here," Bill Clinton was not impeached for having sex in the Oval Office. He was impeached for lying under oath, obstructing justice and denying a woman her day in court. Can you not understand this?