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Monday, November 26, 2001

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Here's one more opinion on Harry Potter. I don't understand what all the fuss is about over the little Potter dude. It's just fantasy. The Wizard of Oz had witchcraft in it and it was considered good, wholesome family entertainment. If your child can't determine fantasy from reality, he doesn't need to read Harry Potter as well as a multitude of other classic stories that we grew up on. There was magic in Cinderella. How about Hansel and Gretel? That's a scary story for a child. Nearly all children's Bibles have magic in them. My children are well adjusted enough to recognize fantasy and know the difference between a factual documentary and a child's fairy tale.

People said the witchcraft on this Harry Potter thing is supposed to be fictional. They need to get their facts straight. The person who wrote Harry Potter graduated from the School of Sorcery. It's not fictional. It's true.

This is in regard to the SpeakOut column on the individual who was complaining about the Board of Municipal Utilities cutting off their power. To the person who complained, I have known the employee who is in charge of cutting off the power since he was three years old and he's one of the finest people I've ever know. I don't believe one word of what you said about him. He would be more than willing to help and accommodate anyone and has been that way his entire life. I think your usage of SpeakOut to blast a good man is harmful, not only to the community, but it speaks volumes about you as an individual and your intent to malign and destroy a good man.

Well, they're really going to mess up the airline industry. Now they're turning it over to the government. That's what they did with the Post Office. That's what they did with the railroad. Has anybody ridden an Amtrak lately? Two to three hours late getting where you're going? Arrogant workers treat you like a wet dog. Yep. That's gonna fix us. Government subsidized.

I want to make a comment to the people who own the car washes in town and the surrounding areas. When you pay $6 or $7 to drive your car through a car wash, maybe you need to set the timer where when they put the presoak on your car so it will give the presoak 15 or 20 seconds to take the dirt off. It's a shame to spend $6 to wash your car and when you come out of the drive-through you have to pull into a stall and finish washing the dirt off because it doesn't clean it. I think that's a shame. This has happened to me and many other people I know. It's not just at one car wash.

Are people legally allowed to burn leaves in their yards within the city limits and does that violate the clean air act of the 1970s?

People are permitted to burn leaves within the city limits before dusk and when conditions aren't too dry.