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Thursday, December 13, 2001

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In response to the individual claiming cancer victims are badly treated, I must say, you have seen a different slice of humanity than I. I can honestly say I have never witnessed maltreatment of a cancer victim. Compassion and outright generosity have been the hallmarks of the public and private treatment for every one of the patients I've seen, and as most people, I've seen far too many for comfort. For the caller in question, I would suggest, ask the questions: are there other factors at work in this situation? Is the person treated badly because they use their illness to manipulate others for personal gain, could they be manufacturing symptoms or illness to get what they are after? Some people lack integrity and just because they come down with an illness, or at least make the claim of illness, does not mean they suddenly deserve special privileges or the opportunity to run someone else's life just because they say so.

When I was a Democrat, I spake as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child. But when I became a man, I put away the childish actions of the Democratic Party and became a Republican.

Dear Santa: For Christmas this year, we really need some good, clean water here in Charleston. Even my dog doesn't like to take a bath and it ruins our laundry. Our clothes are just as dingy after they're washed as before. And we're paying taxes and not benefiting any thing from it.

This is to the person who wanted to shoot a rifle and do a little sighting in. I believe the building on Main Street may be able to give you a little information on this.

Why in the world are we affirming Georgia over $7 million to process ADC payments for Missouri children? Pay the employees in this job and cut out the expense or at least keep that money in Missouri. I noticed a woman in Charleston (presumably a single mother) had had her ninth child. How long are we going to be paying for this family and their offsprings in years to come?