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Stemming the flow of illegal immigrants

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I have long argued that illegal immigration would be the greatest obstacle facing society in the next decade. There is no way to call for a complete halt on immigration because our nation needs workers. You can argue that we have sufficient numbers of potential workers but if you can't get them to do the job, then someone has to.

But all too soon, illegal immigration will so overwhelm this nation that the foundations that support our society will start to suffer substantially. The medical and educational community will simply be unable to handle the explosion of newcomers who lack the financial resources or the language skills to enter society immediately. At that point, the dam will burst.

An interesting program was launched this week that includes flying illegal immigrants back to central Mexico to return them closer to their homes. Past programs have simply returned immigrants just across the Mexican border. In large numbers, they return to the United States and the cycle continues.

It's highly doubtful this new return program will have much impact. Though 300 illegal immigrants will be returned daily, that's jut a drop in the bucket.

If we are serious about addressing illegal immigration, then the logical step is to concentrate on the employers in this country who hire these workers. Without available jobs, immigration will diminish. And with strong enforcement of American employers, illegal immigrants will be forced to abide by the laws of this nation and follow the legal immigration process.

What unifies these "united" states, is a common language, an established set of laws and a universal thirst for freedom. It is up to our country to control these aspects of life and assure that those seeking life here become a part of the fabric of our society and not a transplanted and relocated society brought from another country. Those seeking life here must change. Our society should not be forced to alter to fit the needs of the newcomers. It's a two-way street and unfortunately, the traffic is currently going in the wrong direction.

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