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Monday, December 3, 2001

Call 471-6636

I would like to reply to the Columbia Daily Tribune on the union vote for the state employees. As the wife of a union member, I'm for the unions, of course. We do not pay for eye, dental or medical insurance whatsoever. Our insurance is fantastic. My husband makes three times more what a normal worker in this area would make and they have the right to stand up for themselves and not be run over by the company or anyone else. They also have fantastic benefits besides the insurance. They have great retirement benefits. Three dollars per hour goes into the retirement fund for them and they also have annuity. Unless someone has actually belonged to a real union, they should think about it twice. Because everybody needs someone to speak up for them so we don't end up with the unemployment that Texas has for our dear President and the unemployment rate we have here.

I am looking for someone who collects Barbie dolls or could tell me the value of previous Barbie dolls. Please leave a number in SpeakOut so I can call them.

To the ignorant person who wrote in the Nov. 26 paper that the only reason why the schools are out on Martin Luther King Day is to please the blacks, well, sweetheart, I've got news for you. The banks are open on Martin Luther King's birthday. On Washington's birthday, the banks and schools are both closed. Get off of this racism mess. We are in a new day and a new time. Let's focus on Jesus. Let's focus on the good in people. Let's not look at the skin color. That is what's wrong with the world now. We are in a war with other countries. We are supposed to be special people and this kind of stuff you are writing only shows your IQ. Get real.

I saw on Channel 6 news where a Webster County (I assume this is in Kentucky) dog catcher is in jail. He went after a dog that was reportedly growling and chasing some kids. He found the dog that fit the description on the stoop of a house. The house was full of people and this man went up and shot the dog dead and then threw the body in a ditch. He's in jail now for endangering the lives of the people inside the house. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering why he didn't take different steps to deal with the dog instead of shooting it. It's the worst kind of abuse. I can't stand to hear things like that when they make people look like they were the victims.

Who can I call to report someone who is selling alcohol or cigarettes to underage children in stores?

You can contact your local police department or the sheriff's department for your county.