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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Call 471-6636

I don't know who's responsible to fix the big hole in front of the Sikeston Post Office, but someone is going to tear up a tire or something else in that place. It certainly needs to be placed. So someone, fix it, fix it, fix it.

You didn't say if the hole is in the parking lot or on the street in front of the Post Office. The location of the potential hazard would determine who is responsible for its repair.

On Monday night there was a rape in Portageville. I want to know why it never made the paper. Some black guys raped a black girl down there and I think it should be in the paper; their names should be in the paper. We all know that if it had been a white victim, it would have been all over the news media and nobody has broadcast it over the news media at all. Justice needs to be served on those who raped the victim. They invaded her privacy and then they beat her up. Please check this out.

We call the county sheriff's departments daily and this report has not been given to us. A rape victim is not usually identified in the news, however the perpetrators can be named after formal charges are filed and the information is released to news sources. Information on crimes is published after it is given to us by the law enforcement officials.

I'd like some information. Does the Standard Democrat still have a senior citizen rate for local delivery of the newspaper? If so, how much is it for three months or six months?

Yes, we do. A three month subscription for senior citizens is $19.25 and the cost for a six month subscription is $38.15. Please call our circulation department at 471-1137 for more information.

I want you yellow dog Democrats to take note. Clinton's chief advisor said if Clinton had done his job in office, then we would never have had this terrorist deal. He said Clinton was too busy with his flirty flings in the White House to do his job.

I'm calling about the "animals suffer" on County Road 539. I live right off County Road 539 and to the person who put that in there, you are exactly right. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. These dogs are dropped off because people don't want them and they are tearing up our homes. We are trying to have a nice vicinity here for people to live. I think some of the people who move out here let their dogs run loose, too. Please put the dogs up. I have dogs of my own but I keep them in the house. My dogs don't run loose. People, if you don't want your dog, take it to the animal shelter or try to find someone who loves animals because they will be killed out here. These animals are destroying our property.

I would like to comment on the person who wrote about the "Animals suffer" on County Road 539. I have put up with dogs and cats tearing up everything. I've got a shed that they've torn into five times and it costs me money every time. I've talked to the neighbors and they won't do anything about it. So there's nothing left for people to do out here but to kill them. They should keep their animals up in their own yard where they belong.

I've seen so many calls about different churches and beliefs. Why is it when people are sick and shut in at home, people from the church don't visit you? The pastor may come once in awhile, or if you're in the hospital or a nursing home, they'll go see you then. But if it's in your home, they must think you have some kind of disease or something they can catch. I wonder about that. People outside the church get lonesome too.

Did anyone record the Michael Jackson special on CBS Nov. 13? If so, please leave your number in SpeakOut. I would like to buy a copy of your tape.