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Speakout - 12/30

Monday, December 31, 2001

I would like to put a thank you in the paper for a person who works at Burger King in Sikeston. She helped me get all the Lord of the Rings. She went to all the Burger Kings and asked for the ones I didn't have and I really appreciate it.

In your Dec. 26 SpeakOut comment, "Did the President serve?" you kind of leave it up in the air like Al Gore along with Bill Clinton, who did not serve. Al Gore was a Vietnam veteran. Why don't you put that in the paper?

You just did. Thank you.

The person who called asking if Bush served in the military sounds like a guy who has always gotten stuff free and never worked a day in their life. Whether Bush went into service or not, he has a kind heart, feels for the servicemen, was drug into this war (he didn't ask for it) and I think Clinton was the basic figure of it for being over in them foreign countries and also, them guys were over here planning it before Bush ever got in. Leave Bush alone. He may not be perfect, but he's trying. They're always talking about the Bible and this and that. I believe what one said is to help yourself instead of always wanting somebody to give you something. You may not get a lot of money an hour, but whatever you make can help you support yourself.

This is about patriotism. Everybody wants to fly the flag, but it sure would be nice if the Sikeston Junior High School, if they're going to fly its flag at night, they should put a light on it to show the respect it deserves.

I cannot believe the idiot who objected to Bill Clinton being called "Slick Willie." That's what he is, Slick Willie. After all, after saying he was the one who kept the wars down, it's no wonder they didn't start a new war. He spent eight years, especially the last four, running around all over the other countries passing out money with both hands, passing out American jobs, moving factories and he kissed butt all over the world. That's why there weren't any wars. When all the free giveaways were gone, all them idiots started fighting us. There you go. Slick Willie was still a dirty crook.

On the Jay Leno Show tonight, he said Bill Clinton is getting his own TV talk show but his guests won't sit by him. He said they'll get under his desk.