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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Call 471-6636

This is my second time to call. I live in Dexter and have a subscription to the paper and I do not get all the ads. Today is the day before Thanksgiving and I didn't get the ads for the day after and it won't do any good to call because the office is closed. The people stuffing the ads make sure to stuff some; they don't stuff all. Then people around Sikeston walk around with four, five or six or seven coupons and ads and everything. What is the difference? I pay a full amount for the paper every year and I'm entitled to what I pay for.

The companies that place inserts in the Standard Democrat specify how many inserts go into the paper and designate the areas those ads are delivered to. This is something we have no control over.

This is in response to the holes in the parking lot at the Sikeston Post Office. the building is owned by a man in Arkansas who will not fix the building or the parking lot. There are holes in the ceiling bigger than the ones in the parking lot. People don't realize the shape the Postal Service is in.

I live off South West Street and wanted to let you know that while we were saying our Thanksgiving prayer, we were serenaded by the boom-boom boxes. We sure appreciate you. I hope one of these days you have to live with this.

I'm responding to the SpeakOut caller who was talking about the hole in the Post Office parking lot. The response was the location of the potential hazard, was it in the parking lot or in the street? Obviously, whoever wrote that answer has not been to the Post Office and I've been thinking the same thing. It is in the Post Office parking lot and someone needs to repair it.

Thank you for answering our question. The caller just spoke of damage "in front of the Post Office" and didn't say the hole was in the parking lot. Damage to privately owned property is the responsibility of the property owner.

I have asked my neighbors and talked to my neighbors about my dog and they tell me they don't have any problems with dogs. If anyone has problems with dogs, I wish they would talk to me about it instead of the neighbors. My dog stays in the yard pretty much of the time. So if anyone has any trouble, go to the owner of the pet, not to the neighbors. If my dog gets hurt I'm going to be upset because I have asked my neighbors.

Can you please rerun the article on "Animals suffer" on County Road 539. I did not catch the first article about this subject.

The article ran on Nov. 14. Please come to the Standard Democrat and we will be glad to get a copy for you.