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SpeakOut 12/12

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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I live in Wendell Apartments and I love it very much. I want to say thank you to one of the residents because she is so faithful on decorating a few of the rooms and seeing that we have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. We just appreciate her so much. She always try to do this all herself, but this year she has some helpers. She just tries to be the organizer and everything works out beautifully. We are also so happy we have her. Her name is Emma Lou Freeman. She's so good to us. She would do anything that she could for us. We are going to have a picture made of our tree and of our hall. We would love for everyone to come over here and look at it. All the residents here would like for you to come down and enjoy it.

Dogs at large in Charleston. Don't be afraid to turn your dog loose in the city of Charleston. Just letting the public know that me and my 3-year-old son were walking into the Casey Store in Charleston and a black and white Pit Bull that was very vicious tried to bite my son. I had to kick it off. I went in and the manager called the police department and told them to send somebody down. Apparently they were all too busy and nobody showed up. I just wanted to let the public know that you can let them run loose in Charleston.

To respond to the person who said it goes both ways. You better read your Bible. My Bible says to help everybody. Not just to help them one time and turn your back on them and think you did your duty for God because you haven't. What I'm saying is I am poor. Yet I help people pay their utility bills when I have the money. I give them groceries out of my refrigerator when I have them. I help a lot of people. You know why? Because churches have turned their backs on them and don't help them. The churches are not like they used to be and are never going to be again. It's all about who has the biggest church, who has got the best parking lot, who wears the best clothes. If you want to have a good church, have a blessed church, a church who blesses people. If someone in your church doesn't have a vehicle and you have two or three, give them one of them. That would hurt your wallet if you had to give something away and not get anything in return for it. As far as helping people, pay their utility bill, not one month, but three or six months until they can get on their feet, buy them groceries, take them where they need to go. That is what God's telling you to do today. He's not saying help them one time and they have to be a member. No, you've got it all wrong. Read your Bible. I don't judge anyone and never will. The truth is the truth and that's a fact brother. God bless you and I hope you get to Heaven. Instead of going out and eating the next four weeks on a Sunday, give your money to the poor. You give up something. Buy somebody a suit and new pair of shoes instead of buying it for yourself. That's what churches are for.

I had a dream. The city of Morley actually resurfaced the streets in town and took care of the barking dogs and the dogs running loose that are leaving piles in people's yards.