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Speakout 1-4

Friday, January 4, 2002

A C-4 is a plastic explosive that can be loaded in any shape, form or fashion. You can burn it, put a block on it and shoot it with a rifle and it won't explode. It takes a plastic wrap to explode a C-4. So concerning all this crap that's been going on about it, the airplane bomber didn't do his homework and the news media didn't do theirs either.

This is to the person who thinks me and this guy don't need to be together. If you keep your nose out of our business maybe we can get back together and get remarried and have a happy life. This is about people sticking their noses in people's business where it don't belong.

I am the person who called in the original question about whether George W. Bush was in the military service or not. This, in response to the SpeakOut comment in the Dec. 30 column. I fail to see connection whatsoever between President Bush and that response. I merely asked if he had been in the service or not. Let me set the record straight. I graduated from high school in January 1935 and retired in April 1996. During that time I went to a full time job for two days. I hardly think I got free stuff or didn't work any day in my life. I had no intentions to run Bush down. I merely wanted to know if he was in the service.

The answer is yes.

I am calling with something I heard about injustices. I live in New Madrid County. For the past couple of weeks I've heard about a lawsuit against the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department. I haven't seen anything in the paper. I've just heard people talking. Is there a lawsuit being filed against the department? I heard it's about employment discrimination on a young girl who was fired. I just want to know if this is true. I've heard this from some pretty reliable sources that the suit is filed against the department and the three commissioners in office.

According to New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens, no lawsuit has been filed against his department.