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Monday, November 12, 2001

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the World Trade Center. There are some who want to keep it at this slow pace and account for every body. That would be impossible and stupid. If it were my own brother in that rubble I would have to say that it is time to move on. Clean it up and get on with life. Cops, firefighters, friends, family - say goodbye. Let's rebuild America.

I live in a small town and I was wondering if it is legal for the water meters to be estimated each month and never read. I know for a fact the water meters are not read for two reasons. One reason is because I am home every day and can see my meter from my window and keep a watch on my meter because I set up "traps" to see if the lid has been opened. Second reason is my water bill varies a few cents each month up until last month when it jumped $30 more. There have been no water leaks, no additional people living in my household and no changes in my daily activities that would cause my bill to rise $30. I have spoken with other people that live in the town and they are having the same problem. I just find it strange that everyone's water bills vary every month by just a few pennies. How can you use the same amount of water each month during the spring, summer, fall and winter? I have asked the city officials in our town about the situation and I receive no comment. Can someone help me to find out who to contact other than city officials in regards to my water meter never being read and being estimated each month?

About voter ID, I agree with your editorial 100 percent!

I am looking for information concerning the occurrence of a car broken into at Morlan Dodge on Nov. 2. If anyone has information about the person who broke into my car, please call the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-6200. To the vandal, you will be caught. Any information you give to DPS will be kept in strict confidence and you can remain anonymous.

I am calling concerning the engagement on Nov. 6. I was just appalled concerning the engagement of Cochran-Pobst with the way the write-up was written. It was horrible. Whoever typed this must just be beginning as a typist. It was horrible. I think you owe this family an apology and run this article again and make it worth reading and make it something they can keep for a lifetime. This was ridiculous.

The information in the engagement announcement was correct, according to the form submitted by the couple. When the information was transferred by computer to the page, however, the computer misaligned the wording. The problem was technical and was not the fault of the person who typed the article. We caught it and ran the announcement again on Nov. 8.