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Your View

Friday, November 9, 2001

The Devil Himself

The Devil Himself

I never seen the devil, but I seen him on TV.

Osama bin Laden, his name, that I could see.

Where you come from, that I'll never know,

But the devil himself would stoop so low.

You can hide in your caves, that's no doubt;

Hide all you want, but you will come out.

The hell with your riches and your smirky grin.

You took people who are loved and so many friends.

You tried it once, and that, you didn't succeed.

You came back for more and tried to get me.

I'm here to stay the old American way.

We'll stick together no matter what you say.

So many people you took that day,

Trying to make a living, until you came their way.

The devil himself, that you are we now know; You will pay. I don't care where you go.

I'm very poor, and riches that you are,

But riches won't get you there by far.

I have my God, my friends and my flag too.

Hide all you want. Our men will get to you.

We all will stand for the red, white and blue

Because we all love and care. So who the hell are you?

God bless America, united we stand.

When Bush gets through with you, you are damned.

Janet R. Harp