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Friday, December 28, 2001

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I'm a native American. I was always kind of puzzled at the white man's Christmas. They run around and cut one another's throat, crook and cheat and lie to one another all through the year, then at Christmas, they all go and hug one another. I just can't understand it.

The street that was flooded for three days is Pam Street (not Tanner).

I'm sure we won't forget the passengers who died on the airlines that crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, but let's not forget those who died in the crash in Pennsylvania, too. OK?

Whoever stole my Christmas presents this year, I hope you had a very merry Christmas, because that was all I could afford. At least return my VCR and cable box.

Have you reported this to DPS?

Of course the Yankees are buying a title. Or at least attempting to buy a title. As long as the Yankees were winning the World Series, they actually kept their payroll in the same neighborhood with the other rich clubs (Red Sox, Dodgers). But now that they lost a World Series, it's apparently time to forget about any sort of restraint.

The red light at Plantation on South Main Street is really absurd. One car coming out of Plantation versus 250 cars going up and down Main Street just proves that the minority rules the majority.

I called recently about my aunt who lives in Washington, D.C. I know it is very difficult to understand the wording of some phrases on your machine, so if you would kindly reprint it, I would be appreciative. I asked if she was shocked by the recent terrorism. Her reply was, "No," because she and her husband, having been military members, recognize the global conditions and the ongoing potential for an all-out nuclear war. These chaotic days make for much uneasiness. However, it is best and the Bible instructs to not be troubled. Awareness is the word to remember so that our lives shall and must be kept on an even keel. I know these are uncertain days and as my aunt has said, the only true way to keep our lives together is to find an even keel. I worry many times if our children will have to face a long and uncertain future. The thought of nuclear war is horrific but our best and only alternative is to teach our children God's word and to pray daily for peace to prevail.

I'm interested in a Mazda MX-3. It's a 1994 through 1996. If anybody has one, please call me at (573) 667-9024. It doesn't matter if it's running or not. I'm just interested in the body.