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Speakout 1/6

Monday, January 7, 2002

What happened to the welfare system where people are supposed to help people? I live on a child support payment, and I've seen more people in my neighborhood have more kids through the social services in this place. I don't understand where they're at and where they're helping the people in this town. If you can give me some help, then I'll do your job. Social services and welfare department, how come you can't help these kids and get them off the street? They're all coming into my place. I'm feeding them and giving them a warm place. Where are you? Maybe you could give me a paycheck.

Let me clear up the comment I called in "How it works" that ran Jan. 2. It should read like this: "A C-4 is a plastic explosive that can be molded in any shape, form or fashion. You can burn it, make a block out of it and shoot it with a rifle and it won't explode. It takes a blasting cap to explode a C-4. So concerning all this crap that's been going on about it, the airplane bomber didn't do his homework and the news media didn't to theirs either."

We apologize for misunderstanding some of the words in your original comment. We were able to find the article and hope we got all the corrections made. It is always good when calling SpeakOut to speak slowly since your calls are recorded and later transcribed. Answering machines do not always produce a clear comment, especially when speaking too fast or when saying words that can be understood as other words, such as "loaded" and "molded." Thank you for your help.

Quit complaining about the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. They are making a change in Sikeston about the drugs or whatever. Let's all just applaud them instead of putting them down. Why doesn't everybody just see that?

Can you put the number of a uniform shop in Bloomfield or in the Sikeston area? I'm looking for the dress-type uniforms in a plum color.

Sikeston uniform providers are listed in the local telephone book.