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Speakout 12/9

Monday, December 10, 2001

I wish you could tell me why we need that new light on South Main and Plantation. I thought the new Colonel Day Parkway was supposed to help the people in that subdivision get to places south of there such as Wal-Mart and Lowe's. There are places in town where we need a stoplight to turn left a lot worse than we need it there. Also, what is the theory behind the no right turn on Malone Avenue and South Kingshighway? These are just a few questions for whoever takes care of those lights.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, MoDOT isn't paying for the project at the Colonel Day light. When the city wants to set a signal on a state route like this, MoDOT does a study to make sure it meets their requirement and this one did, so they were able to go ahead and build the signal. In answer to your other question, the right turn onto Kingshighway was determined because of the railroad tracks there.

Would the 13-year-old girl who is need of work call 481-0027.

To the people of Sikeston. I want to warn you about people who walk into your home off the street or in your stores or places of business and tell you they are from a government agency. Ask them for a badge and a photo identification card. They tell you their name and the name of the agriculture that they are working for. And if they tell you they do not need a badge or identification card, they have lied to you. Then go to your phone and call your police department or your sheriff's office and turn them in because they do have to have a badge and photo I.D. because that is the law.

Standard Democrat, are you purposely misreporting the Malden story? The guy who hired someone to get his wife shot? It is his wife, not his ex-wife and her name is Christina, not Cynthia.

The story we ran on Nov. 25 was from information given to the Associated Press by law enforcement officials in Kennett and the Nov. 28 story was given to the Associated Press by officials in Malden. According to Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder, David Goodman is still married to the victim, Christina Goodman.

I would like to share something with the public about nursing homes. You hear so many bad things about them, you don't hear much of the good things. So I would like to tell you some of the good things. There are some good people out there who are willing to help you in any way. All you have to do is ask them. If it had not been for them, things would have had to have been another way, but Sells Rest Home in Matthews and Hunter Acres Caring Center here in Sikeston were helping Helen Jones to be cared for in her home by her family and the people that love her. These people are the greatest and they're the best. They're there to help you in any way they can. Then you know that you have done the best you can do. I'd like to share this with the public and say that we've had the greatest experience of a lifetime. I am Pauline Estes and her sister, Emma Richards, and I would like to thank you very much for sharing in our work.