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Speakout 7/19

Monday, July 19, 2004

I read in SpeakOut where someone is having trouble getting a cat out of their basement. This could be my kitty - she is a black cat with a little white spot under her neck and her tail (broken) just "hangs down." If this is the cat you have been trying to get out of your basement, please call me at 472-6105.

Mr. Olson, U.S. Solicitor General, I'm so glad I got to see your little speech on Friday night. What was your contribution to society? You apparently are another big time loser who has contributed very little of any benefit beyond yourself to society. The canned laughter and fraud of that setting was such a joke. It's too bad that your mate lost her life on 9/11 because of your friends' ignorance, inaction and stupidity.

I would like to SpeakOut about the swimming pool problem we have in this area. The law apparently in all these small towns is apparently that you cannot have a swimming pool unless you have a permit, insurance and a 6- or 12-foot fence. All this is done in the name of safety. How safe should we be? Maybe we should all just stay in our houses and not come out. That way, we'll all be safe. We are having this done to us in the name of safety, but if you stop and look, you've got to buy a permit, you've got to buy insurance. It seems to me the rich are slopping at the money trough again. In the name of safety? How safe do we need to be? When I was a child, we used to swim in a creek. Kids got snake bit all the time. Kids drowned all the time. All kinds of things happened. We didn't have a nice little clean pool in our back yard. But we can't do that anymore for our children because it's "not safe." How much safety do we have to have? I feel like we're in a prison, trying to be safe. If the people don't start standing up to these little, little government rules and regulations, we will be in prison in our own homes. I hope the Standard Democrat prints this, because this really needs to be said to the public. People need to stand up against

I was in a local restaurant on Sunday and am appalled at what I witnessed. Just when I think nothing can surprise me, something always does. You would think intelligent, well educated and, in my opinion, well-to-do people would not act so ignorant out in the public. This lady, all dressed in her Sunday best, went to the kitchen and chewed the waitress' tail out because she charged the people with her group for a bowl of ice cream. She proceeded to tell the girl that she gave the person her's because she didn't eat any. The waitress kindly tries to explain that a sandwich does not come with ice cream and you can't give your portion to someone else, because the menu plainly states "no meal sharing." Don't people realize that a waitress has sometimes 10-20 customers at a time and couldn't monitor who didn't eat this and gave away that, even if they wanted too? Where in this town do they give free ice cream with a sandwich, I want to know? This bowl of ice cream was a dollar! This lady tells this girl off over $1 in front of all her co-workers and anyone else within earshot. The girl was humiliated, but I was embarrassed for the woman. I can't believe she is that ignorant. She works with the public and I'm sure she charges for everything she does, but more than that, if you go into a restaurant and eat something you don't pay for, you are stealing! Kinda defeats that hour you just spent at church!