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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

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I want to comment about the lawyer, Spencer Edwards. He was caught with 50 grams of methamphetamine and got only 40 months. That's ludicrous. If a black man got caught with 50 grams of crack cocaine, can you imagine the time he'd get? Come on, America, come on, law makers, come on, judges. If we're going to be fair about this thing, let's be fair about it. OK? Methamphetamine is just as bad a thing to sell as crack cocaine.

Why didn't Spencer Edwards get three years in prison when they gave David Jimmerson in excess of a life sentence. I think one crime is just as important as another one. Is this because of race or color, or does money really talk?

We are not qualified to say how prison sentences are determined. You need to speak to a lawyer, court or judge to get the information you are seeking.

Some pastors have told me that once you're saved you're always saved and can go to heaven whether you're baptized or not. Then others tell me that if you're not baptized that you can't go to heaven and that you must be saved and baptized. Will somebody please clear this up for me?

I have something to say about this medal the state is supposed to give to World War II veterans. In about 1937, the state of Missouri paid a bonus to the World War I veterans, which was about 20 years after World War I. Now, about 55 years after World War II, they want to give a medal to the vets. I spent about two years in service near the end of the war (1945-46), 13 months of which were in the Korean occupation, so I think I'm supposed to be eligible for the medal. After I came home, I spent four or five years in college. After college would have been a great time for a bonus, for some start-up money. Now I'm retired, as I'm sure most of the other vets are. Many of the vets already have passed away and the younger vets are about 75 and the older ones are up in their 80s. What are we supposed to do with this medal? Wear it in the bathroom or hang it on the bed pole?

I see in the paper where the veterans are going to be honored by the state. Instead of the medal, I wonder if they would give a cup of coffee and a cookie. If they will, please call the coffee shop and I'll sign up.

If you people would please stop dropping off your dogs and cats on County Road 539 and take them to the humane society. These dogs and cats will be killed out here because they tear up everybody's stuff, our underpinning and stuff. Somebody may want these pets and they don't have a chance out here because they will be shot. So please take your animals to the place where they need to be dropped off.

I am calling about a convenience store in Sikeston. I went in about 4:30 p.m. and bought a can of potato chips for $1.49. About five minutes later, I sent one of my grandchildren in to buy another can of the same kind of chips, the manager charged him $1.89. If he's going to change the prices in less than five minutes, he should have charged me the same price too. I don't know why the manager is so cruel to kids under the age of 16. This store needs a new manager.

You may want to contact the corporate office of this business with your complaint, which, of course, we are not at liberty to name.