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Thursday, November 15, 2001

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This is nothing but a lie that you put in the paper if you're talking about me. I'm not going to put my name in there, but I just had a no good landlord. If this was my landlord who put this in there about me, you know you're lying and I'll meet you in any courthouse in Southeast Missouri. And if you keep this up, you'll wind up in court because my husband is very sick with breathing problems because of this wet floor. So I imagine you should keep your mouth shut.

This is to the deal in SpeakOut about the renter with the wet carpet and the owner won't fix the leaks. I think if the renter is paying rent, the landlord should call a plumber and pay the bill.

Here's one for "What kind of sense does this make?" Bayer, the maker of the anti-anthrax drug Cithro is selling it for 95 cents to the U.S. government. It was $1.77 per pill. But up in Canada, the government negotiated with Bayer and they're doing it for 5 cents a pill. Doesn't Canada have a national health system? Isn't that strange?

I want to respond to the "Policy questioned," about the man who runs the light and water department. I don't know how many times this person could have been behind with her bill, but we had a problem several years ago and this gentleman was very nice to us. He worked with us until we got our bill paid off. I had no complaint with him at all. I can see his point if you keep on being behind with your bills and don't make an effort to try to pay them. But I can't believe he's that hard-hearted.

This is to the Requisition Committee. Would it be possible for you to put up a flag pole and flag in Central Park? It sure would be appreciated and would make the park look real nice.

I think our school systems need to check their priorities. They dismiss school for Martin Luther King Day, but for Veterans Day, they don't. If it weren't for the World War II veterans, there wouldn't be a Martin Luther King Day.

Am I the only person in the USA who does not consider Rudy Giuliani a hero? He used every means to become mayor of New York. It was his duty to do his all for his city. The policemen and firemen who slaved around the clock earned the title of "hero." I never saw Rudy with as much as dirt on him. He manned the microphone around the clock. Only a short time ago, he would have moved his mistress into the mayor's mansion with his legal wife and two impressionable children had not the board of aldermen convinced him otherwise. Democrats are impeached for this. How is it this man is honored and praised? I'm puzzled. Is there any other person in this area who thinks scoundrel would describe him better than hero?