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Speakout 12/16

Monday, December 17, 2001

I just read the birth announcement of a woman who had her ninth child. It did not list any father or any job. Is this another person having nine kids that the taxpayers are supporting?

We don't know. When babies are born, it is news. Therefore, we publish the information given to us. Nobody but the mother knows her situation as far as the baby's father and who supports the children. Our business is to print the news.

I live in Parma. It is a shame how some people treat their dogs here. There are some tied up to trees with no house, out in the rain and cold. Put yourself in their place. You could turn over a barrel and put in a blanket. That would be better than just leaving them out in the cold. Have a heart.

Can somebody please tell me what we can do over here in Anniston? We have a water and sewer which is the only business in town. We're paying the city clerk, all the insurance, vacation, days off, she gets free water and sewer and she gets paid for working. Same thing for a city worker we have here who reads the meters patches up little things around here. We sure need some help. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do (going to the meetings doesn't do any good; we're just talked out), please put it in SpeakOut. Help us out over here in Anniston. We need your help.

I just read in the Dec. 12 SpeakOut the Bible verses on witchcraft. All those scripture quotations are wrong. Obviously, these people want us to go to the same kind of government they had in Afghanistan, where all our rights of free speech are repressed and that the only way is the Christian way. I am a Christian and believe very strongly in the Lord Jesus. But my God, if the children can't discern between fantasy and reality, they don't deserve to be in school. It's a fantasy book, people. It's not reality. That's all it is. It has nothing to do with Jesus and has nothing to do with the Bible. Get over it.

I'm calling about the Bible vs. witchcraft. There are two kinds of "magic." There's "white magic" which deals with the spiritual side and "black magic" which deals with satanism. I don't believe the white magic pertains in any way to black magic. One's good and one's evil. The people who wrote this in SpeakOut about "Bible versus witchcraft" are very wrong.