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Speakout 3/25

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I would like to speak out to the response somebody put in your paper called Sikeston comes first in Friday's paper March 16. This is another Portageville Bulldog fan. You Sikeston people quit belly aching about the Standard-

Democrat being your own paper. Just because they are a great newspaper and they locate and print in Sikeston, it's not your newspaper. It's everybody's newspaper, it's our newspaper also. They do a fine job of covering our sports down here in the south. It's really great to have a paper like that around and it's not yours so don't think you own it. You probably don't even subscribe like we all do. Let me tell you something else, your sports editor Chris Moore has been to our house, PHS down here covering the real Bulldogs, every time I've been at a home game Chris has been there. So don't be belly aching folks. It will be all right.

This is in regards to three teenage boys riding their skateboards and having their pants sagging in the parking lot of Family Dollar. I had dropped $101, which was four 20's two 10's and one $1 bill. I had an encounter with one of the young men and told him he needed to learn manners. And he began real vulgar cussing. Anyway I noticed my money fell out and I turned to get it and he snatched it and ran. The names these young men were using and the way they weren't respecting their elders. I think that parents need to say what they mean and not say stuff that they don't mean. These men are going to end up in prison with just a number and not even a name anymore. Parents are not even caring about their young children. And even though that young man stole my money right there in front of me, I personally care for young children. If my two children were to do something like that, I'd just have a fit. I'd be beyond myself.

I'd like to congratulate the Charleston Blue Jays on a wonderful season. It was really well overdue. I'd like to congratulate the coach on a job well done. We've been to the state tournament 24 times. I think that's the second most of any school in the state of Missouri in any class. That's an accomplishment. Hats off to the Charleston Blue Jays. Fly high Blue Jays.

We live off a county road right off the Blodgett viaduct. I was wondering, can you ride your three wheelers and four wheelers out here on the county roads or is it illegal?

I'd like to speak out about these ballgames that is taking everything over on KFVS station. I mean to tell you they have taken off our soap operas and we can't even watch the news or nothing. I know there are people who like ball, but you would think they would show this on the weekend or at night when most of the men are home at work. Most of the women don't care nothing about it. I think it's just awful when they let it take over the whole television. I'm getting ready to switch to Channel 6. We can't even see the local news because of it.

I guess you would like to have all the dollar coins you could get that does not have In God we Trust on them for a dollar and a dime since they are worth $50 a piece. Don't be misled by this person. They are worth a lot more. Try not to hurt anybody else.