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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Call 471-6636

I read about the American Legion fish fry on Jan. 12. I called to have them deliver a meal to me and they refused. I'm just a few years short of 100 years old, disabled and have no family here. I didn't expect them to do this for nothing. I planned on paying them for the dinner. I sure hope they enjoyed their dinner.

We are sorry about your disappointment, however, many organizations that hold fund-raisers do not include delivery of meals. You can call the American Legion at 471-9956 and ask to speak with the commander.

I'm sorry. I know everyone is speaking about the two people who were killed near Scott County Central. People, let's face it. I'm so sorry for the family, but we must obey the law. If you read the handbook on the driver's test, it says that if there's a siren behind you (ambulance or police car), you are supposed to pull off the right side of the road. Don't just put the blame on the officer who was involved. Put the blame where it lies and let's leave this situation alone. If you want to look at fault, let's just say everyone involved made a mistake.

When do court reports go into the paper? There may be a day I want to get a paper, but in Dexter, they're always gone by 5 p.m.

Court reports are published on our Daily Record page, which is also the obituary page. Obituaries take precedence, which means births, police reports and court reports are placed after all the obits are in for that day's paper. Items published on this page are determined daily and there is no specific day for court reports. They are printed according to available space.

A fast-food restaurant in Sikeston used to have great chicken. What has happened? I got a box the other day, and when I got home, boy, it had been around awhile. I don't appreciate getting stale food when I pay money for it. Please quit doing this.