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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

SpeakOut 7/30

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

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Don't some of these people know that these old field roads out in the country are not for hiding in the garden when they run irrigation. If they want to get stuck, that's a good way for them to get caught.

All in good times under Clinton and Gore is coming to a head now. You know, you always have to reap what you sow. All that was false economy. There wasn't a good economy. I'm an old man and I could tell. It was just all a fake. Now we're going to reap what we sowed. Sit up there in Harlem, old boy. You brought us to our knees.

I'm speaking out about the July 19 paper about "Is DPS fighting lost cause?" How do people feel about the fact that this lady lost her child and they're never going to bring her back. How much money she got is nobody's business but her own. I don't feel that anyone should have an opinion about what is going on around here. They need to worry about the Department of Public Safety harassing people. What about that? It's not just the west side of Sikeston that's the bad side. What about the rest of Sikeston? Nobody ever says anything about a Sikeston theater when the kids are riding around smoking, drinking, doing dope, whatever they want to do. But it's always the west end of Sikeston that's the target. Black people are not the only ones who live on the west end of Sikeston. There are also whites. So why do you feel that it should always be targeted to the west side of Sikeston?

I am a concerned parent and have been reading SpeakOut for several weeks concerning juvenile issues. I have a disobedient juvenile in my home who is 14. I have been trying to work with the juvenile system, DFS, DYS and some of the counseling facilities that are available. At this time, with my son being so disobedient, DYS and DFS have washed their hands because they say that I'm uncompliant. Due to our police system, our legal system no longer works for us as American citizens, but does help the politicians and politics within our towns. So therefore, on any opinions that do with our legal system, it's not with our people; it's with the people who think they are above us. We are the ones who pay our taxes and make the salaries they earn at their jobs. And they look down upon us, through their glasses down their nose, at us, the ones who are asking for severe help. I have dealt with my son for 14 years and have yet to find any legal system that will help me. I have spoken with judges. So far, there's no one.

I'm calling in regard to people who say they are getting charged for water. They don't realize the owner has to pay for the cup, straw, ice, lid and the city charges us for the water. That's why water can't be free when you go into a store and just ask for a glass of water.