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Speakout 7/11

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I am calling about a house that burned in Charleston. I live on the west end of it and the house has become a nuisance. It stinks. The people who lived there sit behind it and drink all day long. When is Charleston going to take action and get this house out of here before it becomes a real nuisance. It's pitiful and we as citizens would like to see it gone. If they're going to do something, do it now. Please get rid of this thing.

This is an issue for the city of Charleston. You need to call city hall.

I read your article about the governor's race and was kind of disappointed that you haven't been covering the sheriff's race. Scott County will be getting its new sheriff in 30 years but you have yet to cover that race, or even establish a debate for them. At least bring those people out so voters will know who to vote for or what they're getting when they vote.

Everyone should vote

As I was looking through the polls and listening to people talk, I found out that there are six million Christian registered voters who do not vote. There are 20 million professing Christians who are not even registered to vote. In order to vote, you can vote on line www.redeem the vote.com They have registration papers for every state where you can register to vote. If there has ever been a time in the history of the United States of America, it's time we stand up and be counted. So, people, it's time that we go out and register to vote. That is our right. Thousands of young men and women have died so we have the right to worship as we want to worship and to stand tall for what we want to stand tall for. Not one of them should die in vain. Democracy is our blessing, not a curse. So it's time we stand up and we become the force of America.

Here's one that won't get into SpeakOut. Miner is still trying to get Sikeston to go in with them. Sikeston has been dying, ever since Miner built all that out there, and they're not getting the money from it. If Miner is dumb enough to go in with them, they're going to get screwed bigger than old John Kerry will screw the whole United States if he wins the election.

What has happened to the newspaper? We got Wednesday's paper and the front page news was the same identical news to Tuesday's paper. Same thing. Not even SpeakOut on the publisher's nasty comment about the Democrats and poor Holden got a rest.

Would you enlighten us, please? On June 29, local stories were about LCRA, a bank robber plead guilty, cell phone etiquette and the power plant at New Madrid (along with an Associated Press story about some Americans being skeptical about the Iraq turnover). June 30 local stories were about Sikeston schools, four area men face jail time for drugs, Casino Aztar, Scott County Courthouse undergoing a clean up and a fire at Arby's in Sikeston. The June 29 editorial was about "Bounties" for voters should be outlawed and June 30 was "Democratic debates ignore rural voters," written by Publisher Michael Jensen. As for SpeakOut, we try to publish them in the order in which they are received. Where were these front page stories and editorials the same?

To the person who purchased a dark red bicycle built for two a couple of weeks ago for $65, the family wants it back and will compensate you for your trouble. Call 471-0563.

I have a question for management of a Sikeston department store. What's going on with your new employees? The ladies who have worked there for years are always dressed nicely, courteous and they help you. The new ones they've hired, some have tattoos on their backs, the dress code is awful and I'd like to know what their requirements are to be an employee out there. It seems that all employees should have to follow the same set of rules.